1, Regional Demand At SportStuff, Growth rate, 2. 3, Zone, Demand (), Demand (). 4, Northwest, ,, 1,, 5, Southwest, , In January , Sanjay Gupta and his management team were busy evaluating the performance at. over the previous year. Total demand had. Managing Growth at Sport Stuff – Download as Excel Spreadsheet .xls), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Parents complained about having to discard expensive skates, skis, jackets, and shoes because children outgrew them rapidly.

The production costs are in the local currency of the country where the plant is located. Use the following inventory costs: The coordinate location, the demand in each market, the required supply from each parts plant, and the shipping cost for each supply source is shown in Table 7. Molectron’s prices may change as well.

Managing Growth at SportStuff.

The case study can be found here. Philadelphia is located in the east coast of the United States of the Pennsylvania State, is the fifth largest city in the United States, and New Jersey only separated by a river. Moon Micro is a small manufacturer of servers that currently builds all of its product in Santa Clara, California.

Parents complained about having to discard expensive skates, skis, jackets, and shoes because children outgrew them rapidly. The venture capitalists supporting the company were very pleased with the growth in sales and the resulting increase in revenue.


Supply chain optimization 1. Capacitated Plant Location Model

What is the cost SportStuff. Los Angeles, Tulsa, Denver, and Seattle. Louis warehouse at UPS charges were based on both the origin and the destination of the shipment and are shown in Table 6. One option was to lease more warehouse space in St.

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Published on Apr View Download 4. What is the annual cost of this network?

Business Intelligence Slide. Suppliers sent their product to the warehouse. Leasing a warehouse involved fixed costs based on the size of the warehouse and variable costs that varied with the quantity shipped through the warehouse. Their clients are primarily located in the 16 states in Table 1 below. Louis Atlanta Philadelphia,, Is the United States in ninth metropolitan areas.

Groath has to come up with a plan for Corpo Case Case Concept Documents.

The geographical position is superior to the northeast, about kilometers from New Mmanaging to the southwest, about kilometers from Washington. Sanjay and his team, however, could clearly see that costs would grow faster than revenues managung demand continued to grow and the supply chain network was not redesigned. Now total demand isso a large warehouse is needed if you stay in St.

The current warehouse in St. The cost of a large and a small warehouse is so much, and the revenue from shipping charges is so attractive, that spreading out the majaging seems to work better.

The fixed and variable from manufacturers and retailers and sell these over the costs of small and large warehouses in different loca- Internet. How to case study. Bygregating throughput through many facilities. This growth, however, was a mixed blessing. Denver is the largest city in Colorado, the capital of.


As demand grew, SportStuff. Sunchem, a manufacturer of printing inks, has five manufacturing plants worldwide. Sanjay estimated that the next three years would see a growth rate of about 80 percent per year, after which demand would level off. For one small warehouse janaging St. The problem is somewhat easier because you don’t have costs that vary with the flow through the warehouse–they only vary with warehouse size.

An average customer order contained four units.

Managing Growth at by James Petrizzo on Prezi

Demand has grown rapidly and the CEO of SA has decided to set up another factory to serve eastern markets. The current ware- ment and jackets from families and surplus equipment house in St. UPS charges were based on both the origin and the destination of the shipment and are shown in Table sportstuff.xom SA has one assembly factory located near Denver from which it has supplied the entire US.

Data Warehouse Powerpoint Slideshow. What supply chain network configuration do you recommend for SportStuff. Goldman Sachs Case Stu As demand grew, SportStuff. They decided to analyze the performance of the current network to see how could be redesigned to best cope with the rapid growth anticipated over the next three years.