Geoffrey Firmin, a former British consul, has come to Quauhnahuac, Mexico. His debilitating malaise is drinking, an activity that has overshadowed his life. Bajo el volcán. Front Cover. Malcolm Lowry Las salidas del laberinto: cultura e ideología en el espacio nacional mexicano QR code for Bajo el volcán. Buy Bajo el volcan (Spanish Edition) by Malcolm Lowry (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible.

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Nov 15, Adam rated it it was amazing. But my personal r I can see why many people love this book as a masterpiece. Under the Volcano by Malcolm Lowry. I currently want a rest from the stream of consciousness technique. I keep finding myself wanting to call Lowry the anti-Hemmingway.


It’s merciless stuff but, perhaps between a McDonagh and a Wodehouse, necessary. Obra aclamada por un gran sector de lectores como una de las mejores novelas del siglo XX.

These things were more deeply meaningful than they appeared on the surface. At a point or position lower or further down than.

Teach me to love again, to love life. Take one for filthy, homeless dogs. During this ride, the bus driver stops when they all see man lying down on the side of the road.

We evict those who destroy! The golcan takes place during the course of one day. All this ended up in the novel’s eighth chapter. Millions of books are added to our site everyday and when we find one that matches your search, we’ll send you an e-mail. And I had to learn about them in order to understand life – at least the life that Lowry described.


There are oceans of allusions and references here; the book is packed with them.

I was offered another, and so I had to say, “No es bueno para mi. On a bus at 3a.

In the degeneracy, I saw Checkov and Friel, at times, as though the Consul symbolised the ending of an era; and in the romance, I could see a black and white Hollywood classic, reeling away. A hell of a book, i. The final month of a year, the final number on a clock, and the final chapter of Under the Volcano, told again from the Consul’s point of view.

Other’s pray with rhythmic chant, and for moments, and even long moments, see that swirling cloud dissipate so that they know where they are, and their depth, and can see the surface above. Lowry’s narrative technique is bold: Bylowty was his unfaithful wife, and in that version and a revision chapter 11 ended with her and Hugh making love. Her desperate attempt to save Consul from himself and stick that what is irrevocably broken.

Bajo el volcan

Many invest themselves in the people they love, or their careers, or something such, the act of dedication anchoring them against the steady whirl.


Geoffrey Firmin, a former British consul, has come to Quauhnahuac, Mexico. He is, however, often self-pitying.

In romanticizing Firman to some degree understandable, Lowry himself being an alcoholicparticularly in the finale where he is seen as abandoned rather than, say, as being someone who abandoned everyone elseLowry tries to turn Firmin into an tragic hero of a sort, and I’m just not buying it.

Some bring back some packets of papers from these trials. There is no explanation of my life. Each of the principal characters exposes their soul, yet motivations remain dim, much like the fetid cantinas a Towards the nightmarish conclusion of Under the Volcano, Yvonne recognizes that the drinks “lay like swine on her soul.

Trivia About Under the Volcano.

Under the Volcano – Wikipedia

And one thing that especially ruined the entire experience for me and that is Lowry’s writing style. As they enter the garden of their house a pariah dog follows them in. I have sunk low. Plus it has maybe the best last line in all literature.