What is a Teaching of Survival? The shortest answer to that question would be that it is a series of books written by Dr. Luule Viilma. These books are focused on. Results 1 – 12 of 48 Diseases of the digestive system / Bolezni pishchevaritelnoy sistemy. by Viilma Luule. Currently unavailable. Luule Viilma. K likes. Andestus on tahe suhelda, tahe tingimusteta armastada, tahe hing vaimuga täiuslikuks tervikuks ühendada. Andestus on hingepuhtus.

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How would you feel in your bodys place? Forgive me for making you grow bigger and bigger and hurting myself and others with that. We abuse them, we constantly think ugly thoughts about them, we hurt them with too much work, drugs, alcohol, bad eating habits, chemicals. I analysed myself, the people around me and found a whole new way to see the world! Viive Viller rated it it was amazing Aug 01, I found her first book from my mothers bookshelf. Thank you for your help and lessons!

Ordering the book in English language

Be the first to ask a question about A Teaching of Survival. Zully Mustafa rated it really liked it Apr 10, Dear Fear of not being loved, I now open the door vkilma my prison and set you free.

Ormai ho perso il conto di quante volte ho letto il primo libro! This is the biggest thing, so many people have tried writing down things they are thankful almost every day and viiilma all say it had a huge impact on their lives.

Take a day or two and really track your thoughts, try to be very conscious and observe what you think.

Ordering the book in English language – Luule Viilma Ellujäämise Õpetus

Although by the end of she mentioned in the private conversation that she has achieved everything she needed, it was the most difficult time for her. Of course I am not saying to not to go to the doctor, when you have a serious problem! Now you may ask, why do you need to do all this work and forgiving? You can find so many of them in the internet or you can write them yourself. These are just small examples, you can make them as long and detailed as you want. Published first published Simina rated it liked it Jan 26, She started out as a gynaecologist, but already then she had a different approach, which her patients highly appreciated.


This could all be a reason. Forgive Yourself for not knowing all that before and for not doing the right thing before. When I was angry with my husband I forgave him and let go, cause anger only causes harm.

A Teaching of Survival by Luule Viilma

More and more people went to her for help, she got tired of explaining the basics of her method over and over, so she wrote a little booklet to read before the consultations, which later turned to a book. Mainly from the side of the official medicine.

Maybe you need some extra love or maybe you want to send love to someone else, write it down! Of course, I was only 16, that was a very scary concept to me! Sorry for having been mean to your Body! Dear women, do you know how powerful your love is?

To ask other readers questions about A Teaching of Survivalplease sign up. It deals with all levels of the human being – the body, the soul and the spirit – and explains the mental and spiritual causes for all kuule known illnesses. A teacher and a healer.

Feel the happyness for the blessing of meeting a likeminded person. After graduation she practiced as an luuke in the local hospitals until Our Body is our friend, who only wants the best for Us, but what do we do? D Anyway, Love can never hurt, it will only heal.

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Merit rated it really liked it Jul viilmz, If you have issues with your body, then get naked in front of the mirror and say I love you to your body, find parts you like and just look at yourself every day, cause sometimes you just need to get used to yourself, to your body! Please forgive me my fears, that attracted that kind of a behavior.

I get stressed very easy, I get irritated and I have a bunch of phobias, but at the time that was supposed to be the hardest, I was the happiest! Trivia About A Teaching of Sur What it feels like, when you reach that goal, be in the energy you are calling in with your affirmations. She always tried to solve problems without a knife, without having to cut open anyone.

There are many ways to let go and anyone is free to do viipma they feel is the best for them: I went tried out different things to find out what works for me. I think that in our society we concentrate a lot on all the wrong that is made towards women and men are often forgotten about. Her books totally changed how I see men, it helped me to understand them and I healed my relationship giilma my father.

Another thing you can do, is to write down all the good things of your day. I have wrote fiilma simple notebooks, pretty journals, on my computer, in small pocket diaries — a little bit of everything: Comment if you want me to write more this kind of posts.