Los sauces (Spanish Edition) [Algernon Blackwood, Edibooks] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A lo largo de su vida, desempeñó oficios. Los Sauces (Spanish Edition) [Algernon Blackwood, Yurbart] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Dos amigos están a medio camino en un. Los Sauces (Spanish, Paperback) / Author: Algernon Blackwood / Editor: Shantal Lopez ; ; Collections & anthologies of various literary forms.

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The two stories are short, and both can be read in a single sitting – and like The WendigoThe Willows is in public domain and available via legal download. However, that never algernoj, I only came across the story a few weeks ago and as part of a book with lots of other “ghost stories” in it.

Kind of story that would make you keep looking over your shoulder from time to time to check if there was someone looking at you from distance or the sound that you heard just now was real or part of your imagination. It is no wonder that this work is so influential, because it asks many difficult questions of the reader, and invites us to expand upon it, to sit and dwell and try to produce our own understanding of just what is actually going on, and what it means for the insignificant people caught in the middle.

Characters in The Willows have no idea what is affecting them, as all they see are the endless willow bushes – and therefore have no way of effectively resisting the terror, something which they perceive to be truly out of this world. The main plot of “The Willows” is about two long time friends who are taking a canoe trip down the Danube River.

This book is a lyrical, poetic, and deeply descriptive slice of horror. Oct 10, Kimberly rated it it was amazing Shelves: It’s for the reader to determine what is real and what isn’t, which is half the fun in the two books I’ve read by the author.

Want to Read saving…. I’m not sure I’d put that on a list of novellas, of course I’m not sure what list I would put it on, there’s nothing else like it. This most famous work of Blackwood’s is one of those classic short stories of weird horror mentioned alongside pieces by Lovecraft, Howard, Machen, Bierce, and Chambers as worthy of even a discerning reader. In his late thirties, he moved back to England and started to write stories of the supernatural.


This is a classic story and a must read for anyone interested in the development of horror and weird-fiction. The sense of unfamiliarity grew upon me as I stood there watching. The howls are sounds outside of humanity, and the protagonist fights the feeling that they have somehow stumbled into a border between the known world, and one which is unaware of them — as yet.

Very imaginative writing weaves a slow and steady building of a foreboding element of fear that the characters are experiencing, which transfers over to the reader.

Los Sauces (Spanish, Paperback)

The “Swede” and the narrator, remain anonymous throughout the book. Balckwood of like a story of musings. Most ominous are the masses of dense, desultory, menacing willows, which “moved of their own will as though alive, and they touched, by some incalculable m Two friends are midway on a canoe trip down the Alhernon River. Our thoughts make spirals in their world Lovecraft whose work I love called this the best supernatural tale in the English language. Untrodden by man, almost unknown to man, it lay there beneath the moon, remote from human influence, on the frontier of another world, an alien world, a world tenanted by willows only and the souls of willows.

Actually, I’ll be listening. In his late thirties, he moved back to England and started to write stories of llos supernatural. Two friends go on a canoe trip down the Danube River.

Trivia About The Willows. So, I suppose in a way, the book haunts me. It was for that reason that I had some difficulty staying interested in it. It’s not a pretty site. After seeing the great reviews and ratings this book has, I expected blackwkod completely creeped out. Nov 13, Dannii Elle rated it really liked it Shelves: A great introduction to Blackwood – Again, the name Algernon Blackwood is so cool the man SHOULD be remembered by that alone sounds like a noir detective or something – and I’ve heard he has even better stuff out there.

Los Sauces : Algernon Blackwood :

In any event, after the setup is complete and we start descending into the otherworldly, the story starts to pick up pace, and by the time the concept is laid before us, I was deeply impressed by the insight and imagination with which the thing is handled.


And I sat on my cheap piece of shit furniture, a tailsman I believe can ward off anything living or dead from joining me.

Loved the writing style – it was beautiful, clever, haunting and heady stuff.

He also wrote fourteen novels, several children’s books, and a number of plays, most of which were produced but not published. The latter, too, kept up a sort of independent movement of their own, rustling nlackwood themselves when no wind stirred, and shaking oddly from the roots upwards. Sutton rated it it was amazing. This wilderness infects those who travel through it with dread and a sense of foreboding.

To view it, click here. The wind blows hard, an inhuman sound arrives, gets closer, above and around the friends the island is sinking, as the river rises. Their very ordinariness, I felt, masked what was malignant and hostile to us. The dirty clothes on the floor screamed out in soundless horror at me, and even though I knew it was just my Spazz t-shirt and some dirty socks, and I told myself, dirty Spazz t-shirts blaackwood not scream soundless terror, it must just be the stench rising up from the cotton making vibrations on my ear zauces make me hear these noises but I began to fear in the depths of my soul, in the spot all men carry the despair of unknown terrors that my state of the art scientific explanations would be no good here.

They complimented each other with their differences, spending some time trying to convince either themselves or the other that they were wrong that there was something out there. Books by Algernon Blackwood. It’s beautifully written, but in my opinion there is not much besides that. Open Preview See a Problem? It lacks story, suspense, meaning and sense.

What a beautifully written atmospheric and creepy story this was.