Lobsang Rampa is the pen name of an author who wrote books with paranormal and occult . The Tenth (); Feeding the Flame (); The Hermit (); The Thirteenth Candle (); Candlelight (); Twilight (); As It Was!. Buy a cheap copy of The Hermit book by Tuesday Lobsang Rampa. AGELESS WISDOM FROM THE LAMA Inside the cave, the young monk bowed respectfully. 3: The Rampa Story – () Rampa’s journey continues as Lobsang travels from The Hermit – () Lobsang meets a blind hermit to further his learning.

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In this book Lobsang explains the meaning or many occult words in an understandable format for Western People.

Tuesday Lobsang Rampa – The Hermit (536.0 Kb)

Candlelight – In this book Lobsang tells us about pendulums and hermir to use them, Zodiacs. That though, is not the object of this book which deals with a continuation of my autobiography. It is an interesting premise, and one which has a philosophical feel to it as one is reading.

That is humans getting hold of a destructive technology that enables them to self-destruct and take the S. What a beautiful story teller!

It describes how Rampa meets the masters of several planets during a trip in a spaceship.

Through the eyes of this young acolyte, lobsangg learn of the life of Prince Gautama and his discovery of the Middle Way, the Four Noble Truths, and the state of Nirvana. This is RA’AB’s fifth and last book. Ra-Ab tell us of when Sindhi – a blind cat – jointed the family and how Miss Ku-ei was her guide until she knew the layouts of the rooms by heart. Gahsem rated it it was amazing Sep 18, Maximiliana rated it really liked it May 17, When he left his wealthy home to enter the monastery, his heart was filled with trepidation, with only a slight knowledge of the rigorous spiritual training and physical ordeal that awaited him.


Why would the airlock of alien vessels use the same color “green” to indicate the air transfer was complete and the people can exit go? I will highlight these books as they can confuse – they are. The western understanding of the word ‘Give’ differs from the eastern. The story is, as usual, fantastic with a bit of adventure, and again suffering and mistreatment at the hands of others pointing out the need for compassion and respect for individuals.

Absolute proof of reincarnation by quoting a instance in history and explaining that event in detail Going up and down the steps of the Potala, learning at the hands of the great Lama Mingyar Dondup!

He clarifies many of the mysteries of the hidden world. Lobsang Rampa died in Calgary on 25 January David Beyo rated it it was amazing May 02, March Click [show] for important translation instructions. Lobsang Rampa’s Beyond the Tenth gives advice and teachings on the care of mankind’s physical and spiritual forms. THE extracts from the book here is about: But above all, the boy’s lonely destiny would be to carry out a great task of utmost importance to all humanity – and evil forces would work against him.

After trial, you’ll get 3 titles each month: As It Was – As it was then – as it is now – and what’s to possible come.

The Hermit by Tuesday Lobsang Rampa

Lobsang Rampa, and others Narrated by: Dean Radin Narrated by: The beings reveal that they are the “gardeners” of Earth and have “planted” humans. Free with day trial Membership details Membership details 30 days of membership free, plus 1 audiobook and 2 Audible Originals to get you started. According to Barker, who first published the book in the s, Rampa’s claim that his body had been taken over by a Tibetan Buddhist monk was in no way disproved.

Laron rated it really liked it Apr 11, Raampa use green to indicate go. Twilight will fascinate and enlighten new listeners, introducing them to the spiritual teachings that have helped millions cope with life today.


The story within the story describes Earth’s history, as told by entities claiming to be responsible for Earth’s and humanity’s development. His works are highly imaginative and fictional in nature. Oct 05, djamb Sofia rated it it was ok.

Lobsang Rampa – Wikipedia

rampq His hemrit book, The Third Eyewas a global best seller. Others were also manlike, but with curious birdlike heads, complete with feathers and with hands that, although human in shape, had astounding claws. We follow each path and see how their journeys terminate at the same place – albeit a scenic route for some. This is RA’AB’s second book. Jim Marrs Narrated by: Rampa moved to Ireland.

For the rest of your life you will see people as they are and not as they pretend to be. Tibetan Buddhism and the West]op.

Lobsang Rampa

Ibrahim Tan rated it it was amazing Mar 22, Lobsang talks in detail about homosexuality including comments from a homosexual. But, who is to say which source of information is correct. Tibetan Buddhism and the West. Starting point for those wishing to know how to take real Aura pictures. Becoming Supernatural marries the some of the most profound scientific information with ancient wisdom to show how people like you and me can experience a more mystical life.

Nevertheless, the book was published in November and soon hermmit a global bestseller. More readers questions answered.

But, after listening to John Keel’s and Graham Hancock’s books, plus the recent book by David Jacobs, I also noticed the disdainful way humans are treated in the story within a story. Lobsang spent much time living in concentration camps as the medical officer until the day he escaped.