se define inicialmente la línea de Hilgenreiner “H”, que se traza a través de los cartílagos triradiados; la línea de Perkins “P” es dibujada perpendicular a la H. The triradiate cartilage (in Latin cartilago ypsiloformis) is the ‘Y’-shaped epiphyseal plate of the pelvis with both Perkin’s line and Hilgenreiner’s line can help establish a diagnosis of developmental dysplasia of the hip. iliopubic eminence / iliopectineal line · linea terminalis · ischiopubic ramus / pubic arch; Foramina. Los movimientos que puede realizar la articulación coxofermoral son: Flexión: º; Extensión: 30º; Abducción: 45º; Aducción: 30º; Rotación.

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For the short head, the corresponding data were Results No significant differences were noted in the lengths of the each portion of the distal radioulnar ligament among neutral position, wrist hyperextension, and hyper-radial extension. The so-called inferior transverse tibiofibular ligament, as this part of the ligament is sometimes characterized, cannot be considered as a separate ligament.

Awareness of the possible existence of such variations of the testicular arteries is of great importance during surgical procedures. The inferolateral trunk, which arises from the intracavernous segment of carotid artery also called the artery of the inferior CSis an important landmark for finding the abducens nerve and sympathetic nerve.

No significant differences were noted in the lengths of the each portion of the distal radioulnar ligament among neutral position, wrist hyperextension, and hyper-radial extension.

linea de hilgenreiner pdf

The aim of this cadaveric study was to detect the superior cervical ganglion SCG in a topographic manner according to vertebrae and to determine the relationship between the vertebrae, mandibular angle and longus colli muscle through morphometric analysis. We also expressed the MEP in y -coordinate, which is perpendicular to the x -coordinate connecting the superior medial aspect of ischial tuberosity to the lateral aspect of the greater trochanter.

In one subject, two sinus node arteries were found to arise from the left circumflex artery, a finding nilgenreiner reported before. Capitis femoris 5 1 1,2 3 2 3 5 4.

The suitable perforators were usually present, often in combination with the ideal perforator sin a restricted area 20 mm cranial and mm lateral to the umbilicus. Can a cementless hemispheric acetabular component which is made of ultra-high-density polyethylene UHMW-PE and a heat-bounded porous titanium mesh coating be recommended 10 years after implantation?

We present a rare case of combined high bifurcation of the common carotid artery, anomalous origin of the ascending pharyngeal artery and unusual branching pattern of the external carotid artery. Anatomical landmarks for transoral robotic tongue base surgery: No statistically significant difference was detected between straining and rest conditions.


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The anatomy of the radial tunnel was studied on twenty-five elbow preparations. The position of the aorta in relation to the vertebra in patients with idiopathic thoracic scoliosis Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy Show all 7 Post to Citeulike 20 Citations The lknea of the radial tunnel was studied on twenty-five elbow preparations.

CT and especially MR imaging allows their observation in static conditions.

Report of two cases Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy Chir Organi Mov Oct-Dec;84 4: Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy Histomorphometry of the ulnar nerve and of its branches Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy A morphometric study was conducted, measuring between eight reproducible orbital rim landmarks to yield perimeters, and from these landmarks to the optic canal to yield orbital depth.

In this process it must be added the intervention of the common branch. The acetabular implants differ in their characteristics during insertion.

Objective of the study To analyze the individual variability of the mesentery and the superior mesenteric artery SMA from medical imaging and to develop a three-dimensional customizable finite element model. Post to Citeulike 4 Citations Summary In a year-old male cadaver the splenic artery traveled partially through the substance of the pancreas. Three-dimensional anatomical scanning of the mesentery and gastrointestinal tract is the first essential step in modeling abdominal trauma in an attempt to understand the pathophysiology of mesenteric lesions and to improve the safety features of vehicles.

The specimens were derived from eight males and seven females. The abducens nerve was divided into five segments cisternal, petroclival, internal carotid artery, fissural, and intraconal.

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gilgenreiner An anatomic hilgenreine, containing six dissections on corpse, has been conducted. Many different types of division have been described.

Retrospective hilgenreijer of 50 cups in 45 patients was performed operations performed between November and January The media becomes fibrous, hypertrophic or atrophic. In the late s, a metal-on-metal design with improved clearance adequate space between the femoral head and the acetabular articulation surface to allow fluid film lubrication and clearance of any debris from within hilgenreindr jointmetal hardness, and reproducible surfaces was introduced by Sulzer Orthopedics in Switzerland.

We have compared statistically the parameters. Anatomical variations of pulmonary veins, even though not rare, have important role, especially in patients undergoing lung surgery. Winds behind the superior articular process of the atlas enters the skull through the foramen magnum and, at the lower border of the pons, joins with the vessel of the opposite side to form the lihea artery. As on the right side, the left dorsalis pedis artery also arose from the peroneal artery through its perforating branch.


A total of modular cementless acetabular cups with central screw fixation were followed an average of 60 months. Show all 6 Post to Citeulike 2 Citations The aim of this study was to correlate current morphologic data relating to the lumen of the auditory tube. A rare case of ovarian vein that drained into the right renal vein was also reported.

Triradiate cartilage – Wikipedia

J Biomech Feb;34 2: Gepubliceerd Rebecca De Laatst gewijzigd meer dan 4 jaar geleden. The purpose of the present biomechanical investigation was to compare the in-vitro initial stability of a modular press-fit acetabular component using a polyethylene liner and using an alumina liner.

Anatomic basis of iliac crest flap pedicled on the iliolumbar artery Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy This membrane initially acted as a physical seal, which became incorporated by bone and soft tissue, forming a secondary biologic seal, preventing loosening. We present two cases of IVC variation as an incidental finding in patients studied by means of CT scan for the gradation of kidney carcinoma and pancreatic cancer respectively.

Classifications and treatment possibilities]. Study of the variations in length of the anterior cruciate ligament during flexion of the knee: Results The five electives have been extremely popular at our institution, and all have been consistently filled each year by students entering diverse disciplines. To demonstrate the effectiveness of this threaded cup design based on digitized measurements of bone contact area, six Hofer-Imhof cups were implanted into three human cadavers.

The right external carotid artery branched directly at its origin into the superior thyroid, lingual and occipital arteries and the distal part of the external carotid artery.

Dissected specimens revealed the consistent morphological findings of the IObN. Show all 8 Post to Citeulike Conclusion Les rapports entre le n.