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The good news was that the set was in excellent condition although it was 2nd hand. Create an account or sign in to comment Instructins need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. I really all the detailes on the port. Unfortunately for me, the cost of this set was extremely high and coupled 66542 the fact I need to ship it from the States or EU to Malaysia, it seem like it will be difficult for me to get this set Once the rails is complete, the pulley and gearing mechanism in the cab is built.

Thanks again for the review! We get 2 standard white containers with doors on one side as well as 3 other containers with various goods inside. Thanks for the Great review paanjang16! Also the little police station, some of my all time favourite sets. I always loved to see a review about this gem; great job. The standard design of the containers which is oego to other Lego Town and Lego Railway sets at that time allows one to load the containers onto the ship and ship it across the “carpet” to another port!

This is followed by the insfructions large legs on either side of the crane and the wheels instructjons allow the crane to traverse the length of the dock.

LEGO Launch & Load Seaport Set Instructions | Brick Owl – LEGO Marketplace

Congrats on acquiring your dream set! One of my favourite sets ever. This is my 6th review for the academy and going for Silver in the academy. Inside the bridge is a steering wheel and 2 computer panels. As an added instrkctions, the 8 hinged doors can open to reveal a large cargo area below deck!


LEGO Launch & Load Seaport Set 6542 Instructions

At the intersection of the dock are warning signs and directional arrows to guide vehicles around the dock. So many figs, and vehicals. The white containers have stickers to show the transport logo on its side, but this set being a 2nd hand set, only 1 container have the sticker still attached. Below are the build sequence for the forklift, trailer, pilot ship, the large red ship and the container crane.

Thanks for the extensive review. Wow I had seen this set before but never knew ho large and detailed it was. The pilot boat meanwhile is a 6 stud wide jet boat made of mostly blue bricks. The ships which are brick-built with common bricks and have internal storage compartments which is another plus. There are rails on both side of the dock to allow the container crane to traverse the dock.

However for this review I am showing both at the same time to reduce the number of photos required. The claw of the container crane has rubber grippers on either side to “grab” the container.

Instructions for – Launch & Load Seaport |

In this massive set we get 7 minifigures, 2 of them with life jacket. Launch and Load Seaport Set number: Forklift We start of with the chassis of the forklift and proceed with the fork and cabin. The control instrudtions is located at the very top of the container crane.

I especially like the tractor and engine on the freight ship and the fact that the ships are made up of bricks. Notice the ship is secured insttructions the dock using the rope and hook.

Rail networks were already stretch thin and some 6452 are hampered by extremely hilly terrain which prohibits the building of rail networks In an effort to satisfy the urgent need to facilitate trade as much as possible, The Lego Government TLG decided to embark on a massive logistic facility project.

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This set looks incredible! Red ladder pieces protect the 4 wheels which allow the crane to traverse the length of the dock.

It’s too bad it cost quite a sum during those days it was the largest Town set at that time and out of my parent’s budget.

This is because alot of the features mimics instructionz operation of an actual container terminal such as the pilot boat, the container crane and the dock itself. Thank you for sharing. But what good are ports when there are no ship to dock with?

Luckily I made up for that: Inetructions waiting almost 2 decades, my dream set has finally arrive! Anyway, enjoy my review! It was am immerse project to undertake; in some Towns it was the largest project the local LG has ever undertaken.

Like all brick-build ships in this era, rounded black plates are placed on the bottom of the ship to create the “hovering” illusion. Thanks for the review ‘paanjang16’! The claw mimics the “spreader” which is used to pick up a container.

BTW, who voted above average? Also, the 1×2 smooth grey plates that are slightly higher are used to hold the container in position instfuctions that the container does not slide off the trailer. A close up of the rail stoppers. Great back story, wonderful pictures, and a great explanation of how it all works. Container Crane The container crane is unique where it mimics the type of cranes used at container terminals around the world. The containers need to be removed for the area to be accessed.

I own this set and remember the excitement I had when I purchased it in early ‘s.