A complete walkthrough for The Legend of Dragoon, written by Lassarina Aoibhell. The Legend of Dragoon Guides & Walkthroughs. The Legend of Dragoon is a Playstation 1 JRPG from Squaresoft that consists of 4 discs that span a total of 60 . when you enter the marshland you follow the path until you reach the fort where there are five or six battles with Sandora soldiers. after the battle with all the.

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Inside the fortress, everyone is dead Not all members have additions, though most do. Inside the building, head left to find a treasure G.

In the previous area, go right to get back to the area that i called you to remember, and take walkhtrough north path. Of course, get revenge! Lavitz is mainly for physical attacks. Take the north path to find a plant blocking your way, so head back and exit through the lower right exit. The perfect thing for cutting the tree down!

This does have a walkthrouhg high probability for working, though. I have seen Meru get 4 attack off with 1 of his, and she had no stat- boosting items.

The dragon will use power uo on itself, so be careful. He managed to stop two of them by intercepting their path. Let us say the character and enemy parry looks like this: Instead use Additions to kill him fast because he has a weak defense. This is because Enemy A, which attacked Character A, had an extremely high magical attack while Character A has extremely low Magical defense. An encounter is going leyend happen soon Red: There are many rooms here.


Back out, you will fight three more wardens. The stats closet to the equipment list are the stats after improvements from the equipment. If you enter the house at the center with a knight guarding, you will meet Kaiser, the head of the Eighth Knighthood. Then search the basket opposite of the chest to find a Stardust.

One of his main problems is the fact that Haschel has incredibly hard additions. It does as much direct damage as the other characters’ normal attacks, but will be wasted if used on less then 2 enemies.

Anyway, proceed even further and you’ll be in a large circular area.

Table of Contents

Stand near the fence and a exclamation mark will appear above dart, press “X” to jump over the fence. Below the second chest is a stair, walk down to the level below and get the treasure with 50 G. Level 3 is recommended. Follow this long line walkthrugh you will shortly arrive at the Hellena Prison. Walk along the edge of the cliff. Go up the stair and enter the first room to see a sequence.

There is another Stardust at the fire place at the north in this area.

Use guard when necessary. The higher this stat is, the less damage a physical attack from an enemy will do to the character.

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Lassarina Aoibhell’s Walkthrough

Anyway, time for another boss fight. Not the strongest, but it works well rragoon on. When he returns to Neet, or is left, he only manage to find a father’s belonging. A special note, I walkthroug found that Shana can equip some different things then Miranda can. Man in Hood warns Fruegel not to hurt Shana. The higher this stat is, the higher chance your character will hit with a physical attack. Talks to people, Searche’s location directly in front of you Menu: There is a man who will tells you that this area is Slambert Plaza which is dedicated to the father of Lavitz who was called the “Lance of Slambert”.

Dart will then get in the way of two of them, and give them a good little threat.

The Legend of Dragoon – Walkthrough

Now, go back down the straight near the fountain to meet that drunk man, Dran again. After some time, he will throw his Axe away, but do not be happy, you will see more damage from his attack if he is fighting without the Axe. Head down to listen to a short conversation with a dying knight. The villager tell him to rescue Shana.