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The soul becomes wounded to the point that they can no longer stand strong on their own beliefs, becoming instead someone that is oppressed and a magnet for additional manipulation which then comes at them from every area of their lives.

The opening paragraph from the Introduction: Sep 24, Lucy Wightman rated it it was amazing Shelves: For anyone who senses this is going on, this book is well worth a read. Hirigoyrn from Stalking the Soul This isn’t an ‘escape reality’ book, but it offers relief for those who see what’s going on around them.

I also found, at no fault of the author, that some of organization of the book was lacking. Dig deep and ponder its words and hirigoywn. Sophisticated and accessible, it is vital reading for victims and health professionals.

While I understand this as a great way of understanding past happenings, I would promote this book to each and everyone in order to prevent tremendous pain Although I was available to them and often expressed my desire to talk with them about things that bothered them, they saw me as just the wife and mother, a female, and one that had no control over the situation from the beginning.


Le Harcelement Moral : La Violence Perverse Au Quotidien

To the point, where a person’s soul can be damaged so deeply that it could take them a lifetime to overcome what has happened to them. Jul 27, Cameron rated it liked it.

Stalking the Soul is an interesting, fairly quick read. This happened to me in my job and spread out into the hirigoyej I live in. It really hurt and was very scary, hhirigoyen helped me feel better to see that if someone has an agenda of pain and cruelty all the teamwork and work ethic might not beat them. We have all witnessed emotionally abusive attacks in one form or another; in couples, in families, girigoyen the workplace, in social and political life.

Distruggendo l’altro, annientandolo, rendendolo zero, meno di zero. Affronta questo tema guardandolo da un triplice punto di vista: This is just a great book. Easy to read with great insights. Absolutely essential for anyone harcelwment has opened their eyes to an unfortunate relationship dynamic. Non ho alcun dubbio, dicevo, che quanto racconta ed espone Hirigoyen sia vero: Lists with This Book. I didn’t actually read the whole book but skimmed, and read bits and pieces.

Uno schierarsi davvero nobile e coraggioso all’apparenza chi non vorrebbe stare dalla parte degli offesi, specie se gli offesi sono i deboli e gli indifesi? I read many books hhirigoyen emotional abuse after going through a nearly life-shattering ordeal and this was the only one that really resonated with me. Da qui il senso di colpa della vittima, che si colpevolizza per non essere abbastanza seducente, abbastanza generosa, abbastanza intelligente, abbastanza tutto.

Trivia About Stalking the Soul Dec 15, Sandra Betts rated it it was amazing.


I hkrigoyen see defense mechanisms that we can all learn and practice daily to help us overcome the self-destructive behaviors that have lead us into previous abusive relationships. People wanting to make a change and who aren’t afraid to read something deep and meaningful for a change of pace.

A little known book that should be on harcelwment Best Seller List. I have felt inadequate in my ability to describe what I believe happened and how to address the issues of my shipwrecked family.

Le Harcelement Moral : Marie-France Hirigoyen :

moeal Personalmente, non credo che sia questo il caso. They become convinced they are lesser humans and worthy of constant correction. Un libro che ti lascia tanto amaro in bocca e la sensazione netta di ritrovare volti e situazioni.

This animosity sometimes culminates in a virtual murder of the soul. Another re-read of this insightful book by a French victimologist.

It addresses systematic abuse as well- Stalking the Soul: Upon seeing this perhaps they will find the courag Stalking the Soul is an interesting, fairly quick read. I want to make a difference and will be sharing this book with many others. Being a “team work” minded person focused on making relationships, jobs, etc work, I don’t sit around playing puppet-master. This the only book I have read on my professional career which credibly addresses emotional abuse.