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Building code LBN „Fire resistance of buildings”, which sets reaction to fire classification for building products. Specific table added which determines. 4) Latvijas būvnormatīvi: LBN „Būvju ugunsdrošība”, LBN būves”, LBN „Dzīvojamo un publisko ēku apkure un ventilācija” u.c. Latvian Construction Standard LBN “Fire Safety of. Structures” adopted on 28 June [1], which do not prescribe the requirements for permitted.

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This enzyme converts 4- or 5-nitroimidazole to 4- or 5-aminoimidazole, thus avoiding the formation of the toxic nitroso radicals that are essential for antimicrobial activity 4.

Molecular characterization of nitroimidazole resistance in metronidazole-resistant Bacteroides species isolated from hospital patients in Kuwait. In conclusion, this study led to the description of a new nim gene which seems to be intrinsic to the species P. Detection by PCR of the nim genes encoding 5-nitroimidazole resistance in Bacteroides spp. Multicentre survey of the in-vitro activity of seven antimicrobial agents, including ertapenem, against recently isolated gram-negative anaerobic bacteria in Greece.

The paint can not be used in external works and in rooms with increased air humidity. Metabolism of a 5-nitroimidazole in susceptible and resistant ,bn strains of Bacteroides fragilis. Molecular investigation of genetic elements contributing to metronidazole resistance in Bacteroides strains. No hybridization with any of the strains tested with the nimA gene probe was found. 201–10 the insertion sequence IS element-specific PCR amplifications, previously published primers were used 153537 Open in a separate window.


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Moreover, a phylogenetic tree based on Nim amino acid sequences showed that NimI formed a new homogeneous group distant from the other Nim types involved in metronidazole resistance in anaerobic bacteria data not shown.

Mix well lb application. Square logs — sawn wooden products, with thickness of 75 mm or more, width is equal to the thickness or differs for less than 25 mm.

No known associated insertion sequence elements were detected upstream of the nimI gene in any of the nim -positive strains by PCR mapping. Anaerobe laboratory manual4th ed. lnb

Distributed by the author. Strips of board are usually used in loadbearing constructions, as well as columns.

Fire retardant paint PROMADUR (Wooden structures)

Other authors have also shown that metronidazole-resistant mutants may be selected from nim -negative Bacteroides sp. In your cart Your shopping bln is empty. Hallage1 J.

Plasmid extraction and Southern hybridization lvn nim -positive lbj were used to determine whether the nim genes were present in either plasmid or chromosomal DNA, as described previously Vancomycin treatment failure associated with heterogeneous vancomycin-intermediate Staphylococcus aureus in 20110 patient with endocarditis and in the rabbit model of endocarditis.

Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. It is interesting to note that 16S rRNA gene sequencing was necessary to unambiguously identify all P. A phylogenetic dendrogram was generated by the neighbor-joining method with MEGA software, version 2.

Prevalence of antibiotic resistance in anaerobic bacteria: Nim -specific digoxigenin-labeled probes were obtained by PCR, as described above, with primer pair NIM-3 and NIM-5 with a deoxynucleoside triphosphate mixture containing 0.


Among the remaining isolates, 7 nim -positive isolates were detected. The description and photos are informative, operational changes are possible. In the present study, metronidazole resistance could be selected and remained stable in both the nim -positive and the nim -negative Prevotella strains tested, as well as in B.

Fire protection systems

The predicted amino acid sequence alignment of NimI with homologs from other anaerobic bacteria showed that NimI formed a homogeneous group distinct from the other Nim types, with which NimI exhibited Carlier3 G. Please review our privacy policy. Powered by 201-01 – ChronoEngine. For the calculation of the individual order or a discount, write in detail about the required sizes, parameters, quantity and additional accessories of the required product. All of these strains were genotypically identified as P.

This study is the first description of a new nitroimidazole resistance gene in P. Abstract Nonduplicate clinical isolates of Prevotella spp. The following positive control strains containing nim genes and IS elements were used: The susceptibility of colonies growing in the presence of the highest concentration was determined by the agar dilution lnb.

Briefly, plasmid DNA was extracted with a plasmid minipreparation kit Qiagen.

In all cases, only one copy of the nimI gene was observed. There shouldn’t be old paint, dust, dirt, oil, or wax on it. Bacteremia caused by a metronidazole-resistant Prevotella sp.