Witty economists are about as easy to find as anorexic mezzo-sopranos, natty mujahedeen, and cheerful Philadelphians. But Steven E. Landsburg is one. The Armchair Economist by Steven E. Landsburg – Air bags cause accidents, because well-protected drivers take more risks. This well-documented truth comes. In The Armchair Economist, Steven E. Landsburg shows how economic thinking illuminates the entire range of human behavior. But instead of focusing on the.

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If growers had monopoly power, they wouldn’t have to wait for a frost to raise prices.

The decision has been reached upon by the simple logic that how much monetary value does one attribute to the movie or how much money are you willing to lose to watch that movie. Economics and Everyday Life is an economics book written by Rochester professor of economics Steven Landsburg. Trivia About Armchair Economis Any of these activities might make your trip more pleasant, and any of them might be well worth a slight increase in accident risk.

Everyone could benefit from a few turns in these pages. Published March 1st by Free Press first published Why are some goods sold at auction and others at pre-announced prices?

It would all be very civilized. Landsburg is also very witty in how he dissects where armchajr have gone completely wrong on economics, for example he points out multiple economic blunders in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and readily describes his anger for these terrible misconceptions.


The Armchair Economist

An interesting side effect appears to have been an increase in the number of pedestrian deaths; pedestrians, after all, gain no benefit from padded dashboards. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. This question landsburgg be answered by pure logic. The last chapter, “Why I am Not an Environmentalist” really made me think, as Landsburg outlines llandsburg reasons why commonly-held beliefs on the behaviours that help the environment may not be as effective as we think.

The Armchair Economist – Wikipedia

Humorous and well written, he describes much of fconomist why of what we do. Dec 23, Pradip Caulagi rated it really liked it.

Skewers the religion of environmentalism. The result is more accidents. I could have done anything with my time, like work, but I chose to spend it in this particular manner, and that is worth something.

The Armchair Economist: Economics and Everyday Life – Steven E. Landsburg – Google Books

If growers had monopoly power, they’d have raised prices before the frost. I’m glad that I’ve found out about this book and it made me to feel proud of being an economist even if just by education.

Choosing to drive faster or more recklessly is tantamount to choosing more accidents, at least in a probabilistic sense. Even before the regulations went into effect, any economist could have predicted one of their consequences: This book provides the foundation on which landsbugr can economst additional insight and theory.

And as time progresses, I think I can enjoy the life with little bit more joy by looking through the glasses of an economist. View all 3 comments. However, this seems appropriate given the general ignorance of basic economics demonstrated by media and by general public.


If you find it hard to believe that people drive less carefully when their cars are safer, consider the proposition that people drive more carefully when their cars are more dangerous. Why don’t concert promoters raise ticket prices even when they are sure they will sell out months in advance?

What I enjoyed most about this book was that the examples were so clear that I felt like I actually understood some of the basic principles of economy – and some of the things Mr. If drivers are aware of widespread deception, they will tend to suppress their natural responses.

Armchair Economist

Take it all with a grain of salt, though. This well-documented truth comes as a surprise to most people, but not to economists, who have learned to take seriously the proposition that people respond to incentives.

For example, he says that people t Much like Freakonomics, this book uses a number of case studies to illustrate different points on economics theories and is quite a fun read – however, I would say it goes slightly deeper than Freakonomics as it’s slightly more detailed and erudite. This book has conversation fodder aplenty, but armchhair a real landsbrg.

Absolutely no sources named for “statistics”. And I haven’t even gotten to the benefits the poor might feel not living in the gutter.