Nel libro, suddiviso nelle due sezioni teoria (I) e tecnica (II), l’Autore descrive le sue ricerche nel campo della fisica dell’atomo, in particolare la scoperta. Libri Ighina| Cambiare se stessi per cambiare il m. PIERLUIGI IGHINA – L’ ATOMO MAGNETICO – Pier Luigi Ighina – La Scoperta Dell’Atomo. Il Libro 1 Dei Ritmici Di Ighina Versione 2 0. Uploaded by. Francesco Pier Luigi Ighina – La Scoperta Dell’Atomo Magnetico (). Uploaded by.

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Ighina affronta lo studio dell’atomo da una prospettiva alquanto diversa rispetto agli altri ricercatori; infatti invece di sottoporre l’atomo all’azione di potenti campi magnetici o di particelle ad alta energia, decide di contenere il suo movimento utilizzando altri atomi, definiti assorbenti, che impediscono agli atomi luce e a quelli esterni di interferire nell’osservazione.

A tal riguardo Ighina ha detto:. As previously said, after experimenting on animals he concluded that the magnetic field protects us and when variation occurs, we become sick.

We are in this book the truth of those revelations that he led on earth, which are mainly scientific while still covering all aspects of human life, which if they finally understood, will completely revolutionize today’s mentality allowing men to stop the mad rush that is leading towards the abyss.

A quando, dunque, il prossimo esperimento?

It is already one and a half of the night, is already Wednesday and we came to September Note of the translator: While functioning, the upper disk would rotate and the funnels would dsll the same work as the paddles in a boat.

On every hole there is a piece of a plastic colored tube, every one with a different color disposed in a particular order. Tale corridoio doveva servire per scopfrta scopi ben precisi: Do NOT contact the substance with the apparatus.

Tuttavia, per il suo carattere fraterno, per il suo spirito familiare di buon romagnolo, perde tempo prezioso in una calorosa accoglienza. An important concept that the author wishes to stress is that “the atom not fluctuates, but vibrates, one can not divide it, but it would be possible to divide its energy but not oa atom itself. Shortly afterwards, two military fighter fets flying at low altitude our area and then decided pointing upward.


Pierluigi Ighina L Atomo Magnetico Pdf To Word – criseto

The work has delayed the continuous arrival of Visitors who are indeed numerous and come from more different Italian cities. He tuned the magneticoo of his apparatus into the vibration of the materials he was scopertz for successfully discovering underground oilfields and coal seams at depths of over 10, meters.

Nel libro, suddiviso nelle due sezioni teoria I e tecnica IIl’Autore descrive le sue ricerche nel campo della fisica dell’atomo, in particolare la scoperta dell’atomo magnetico.

He was thus able to control the energy of the matter. This reaction transforms the gases into water and this is, in Dr. From other experiment on animals, he could see that the lethargy of the animals is caused by a self regulation of their magnetic field scopertw order to slow down the vibration of the matter but keeping the magnetic atoms vibrating.

Pier Luigi Ighina — magnetic atom

For example, our body and all types of biological entities are healed, and growth is boosted by it. I’m already past He thus built an del field identical to the one made by nature in a way that the positive pole would always be over the ground and the negative pole would be close to the ground. After removal of the magnetic field they went back with no problems.

All this happens at a determined rotation which has librp be discovered together with the variations of the potentiometer. He simply excuse the failure of his final experiment. Download our ighina pdf eBooks for atpmo and learn more about ighina pdf. ERIM can also energize foodstuffs such as fruits, vegetables and meats by placing them level with, and about cm in front of the green spirals, using a non-metallic support, if necessary.

The obvious consequence was that magnstico inside the field any condition he wanted, he could keep it that way with no dispersion. Let us return to when the laboratory already There is a gap between the ends of the aluminium coil in Elios. One points upward, and another points downward.

We know that out on the street, [ gironzolano ] plainclothes police. With this idea he was able to create some sort of canals that would take the motion away from the observed atoms and make them be almost still.


He had previously noticed that all matter have a magnetic field composed of magnetic atoms and of atoms of that matter.

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Nel libro Pier Luigi Ighina. When, then, the next experiment? Those lights become increasingly accented as evening falls.

A soli 16 anni formul una teoria: Alberto Tavanti a cura di . Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Monday, 11 September, at twenty-one, arrived at Imola in the company of some friends. After his ultimate studies of the magnetic atom he was able to group them into two categories: Meanwhile in the house of Ighina, among visitors there is also a senior police officer.

But Pier Luigi Ighina, a good man and simple as a child, as [infatigablecabile] still a man. It is said that as a child, thye hid magnets in the house he, through its sensitivity magnetic, found them all. He hypothesizes that with the union of the positive and the negative magnetic atoms he could create an eternal source of energy just by utilizing the magnetic rotation of the earth.

This matter seemed now to have a different structure, more similar to that corresponding to the new vibration. Januaryage Nell’erba moist and soft earth of the fields, pieces of polystyrene foam are placed under your feet as un’intercapedine insulation maagnetico some newspapers wrapped legs give a little ‘relief. This book is the only one written by the scientist. He was able to build a machine that could keep the vibration of the atoms of germination constant.

Ighina si perde a parlare con tutti, ma il suo lavoro sembra ormai ultimato: Rotating Electromagnetic Canal tuned in with the Matter.

He then left the peach tree with the vibration of the apple tree for a period of 16 days. He is now 93 years old and goes on with his researches.