Kurdybacha, Łukasz (ed.), Historia wychowania, 2 vols., Warsaw: PWN, Kutrzeba, Stanisław, Historia ustroju Polski w zarysie, Lwów: Nakładem Księgarnii. On the History of Polish Education, see Historia wychowania, ed. L. Kurdybacha ( Warsaw, ), 2 vols.; S. Wołoszyn, Dzieje wychowania i myslipedagogiczne). There were, moreover, too few secular teachers available (Kurdybacha,) In /41 some 20 percent of pupils in the upper grades of general.

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The experimental investigation of fibrinolytic system under the influence of flocalin in conditions of acute hypoxic kidney injury. Experience in solving clinico-pathophysiological tasks in practical lessons on pathological physiology.

History of Educational Thought – reading – Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw

By closing histora window the user confirms that historiaa have read the information on cookie usage, and they accept the privacy policy and the way cookies are used by the portal. Influence of prostacycline synthetic analogue on the renal function and the blood aggregate state regulation system in experimental acute renal insufficiency. Discopathy of the lumbar-sacral segment and its influence on sexual dysfunction. Dewey, in an exceptionally mature way emphasized the universal values of physical education and sport in the process of education and training of the young generation.

This course is related to the following study programmes: Fields of science No field of science has been suggested yet. Related to study programmes: Effect of destruction of the lateral septal nucleus on renal function. KNOWLEDGE student – Knows the traditions of birth trends and educational systems and sub-disciplines- Knows the terminology teaching and its source, – Knows the place of education in the system of socio – humanistic- Knows the chosen pedagogical concepts- Knows the different social structures and their relationship to education and upbringing- Knows the methods and processes of the development of social communication manuscriptprint, newspaper, photograph – Knows the basic theories of education and learning and developmental processes.


Effects of hypogeomagnetic fields on the structural-functional activity of rat cerebral cortex. Effect of cytostatic ifosfamide on the function of the kidneys in white rats.

Method to determine nitrite and nitrate ecological load on humans. The respective effects of ethyl alcohol and grape polyphenols upon the morphological index of rat kidneys. The effect of a grape extract on the contractile activity of the myocardium and on the coronary flow of the isolated guinea pig heart. Active radiation telethermometry in the complex diagnosis of ovarian tumors. PWN, Warszawas. The portal can access those files and use them to remember the user’s data, such as their chosen settings screen view, interface language, etc.

Assign Wrong email address. Thermal radiation of the lumbar region and its possible connection with kidney function. The method of integral estimation of a functional status of the hemostatic system. Assign to other user Search user Invite. To get a positive assessment of the subject it is necessary to achieve all planned learning outcomes. Central European Journal of Medicine, 7 4 Indian Journal of Human Genetics, 18 3 As regards to the abilities he: Evaluation of the way of nutrition of the physical education students during summer sports camp.


The effect of sodium nitrite on the functions of the gastrointestinal tract. This course is related to the following study programmes: Recreational activities of bydgoszcz youth at the age of pubescence.

By using the Infona portal the user accepts automatic saving and using this information for portal operation purposes. The use of otsid in treating patients with chronic gastroduodenitis and duodenal peptic ulcer. Effect of progesterone on ion-regulating kidney function. Classification of renal failure.

This course is not currently conducted! Current status, problems and future development. You’re going to remove this assignment.

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The effect of natriuretic factor on the electrolyte transport and energy exchange in slices of the rat kidney cortex. Active participation in lectures: Role of nitric oxide in tumor growth. Bogdan Suchodolski, has been closely related to the Faculty of Education. Journal of Physical Education and Wychowanai, 17 1 Change font size You can adjust the font size by pressing a combination of keys: Open Medicine Poland12 1 Form of teaching – an interactive, inductive method, mode analysis.