Unit List WIP; Special rules Kroot Mercenaries WIP Greater Knarloc Maw, Melee, Melee, x2, -3, 2D3, This weapon may only make one attack per fight . Include Knarloc Rider series and Kroot Master Shaper in upcoming Codex Great Knarloc variations, Kroot Master Shaper and Anghkor Prok of the Kroot Army in are petitioning to have rules in the upcoming codex () for the said Kroot. After hearing that, my friend agreed to let me alter the rules. Greater Knarloc[ pts] – Heavy Support (Requires a Kroot Carnivore Squad).

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Build anklets on each leg to attach hooks of meat. Only a single unit with this keyword may be present in a detachment.

Codex – Tau Auxiliary 8th edition – 1d4chan

Rulez thanks wolfmanrulz and Mephisto. Tlo I’ve been wanting to do this for years! Any poor areas that stick out and need to be covered up will be done so after the tournament with extra details such as bags, supplies, and prisoners.

I’m glad to see this thread still going, your conversions are inspirational and it’d be a shame to see no more of your kroot.

Codex – Tau Auxiliary 8th edition

We are here to offer you to share our culture and profit from our technology and protection. Submit a new link. Oaka The body is finished: The titan looks very promising indeed! The hand crank was added to the right side to match the Forgeworld greta.


Changes from version 5. That unit may be set up anywhere on the battlefield that is at least 9″ away from any enemy units. I’m glad I did, I like it much better, although it loses the charm of a reanimated warrior and now falls into obvious necromancy. Welcome to the wonderful world of the Kroot – swapping ‘C’s for ‘K’s whenever we feel like it!.

Looks good now paint it How about apart from the small inactive gills located under its pointy ear things, which point to an aquatic ancestor. The whole world then rotated around him twice before he could break the motion. The quite large and impressive Forge World range of Mechanicum models that are restricted to the Horus Heresy setting.

And I swear a little bit of wee grest out!

Oaka Painted Reborn, which Grat not happy with: I think it’s coming together well in terms of the size of the character and the size of the tree, one doesn’t really outshine the other. Oaka I finished the small unit of Reborn. In rues expandable block the part this is in you put al the other information regarding your “post” Pleas do not use collapse blocks inside of other blocks aka only 1 layer deep If you have more the one problem put them in different blocks.


Well, I finally got around to painting him.

Each Sub munition seeker missile can only be used once per battle. Seeing as it’s got no armor save and is going to have a devil of a time with cover saves unless it is in area terrain, there is already a good hit to it’s survivability so I don’t think the points bump is that necessary. The GW hounds look malnourished in comparison.

Slaanesh-Devotee This is awesome! The playtesters are all playtested out, the proofreader’s eyes are sore and we’ve had a lot of fun with this one.


Shaman Price upped to 80 points Can pick any 2 powers from the powers list. It was a very cool low tech army — that rounded out the Xenos options. I only knew of them from the video games.

Several Valkyrie’s Marks were held in place on his armor by forward spotters, which he pointed his uplink towards to gain targeting data. Perhaps the best part about it was that these two models took all of the opposing shots, allowing three Talos’ to make it across the board unscathed kbarloc a unit of beasts.

I say let the funky units come over and play.