I recently read a review about Plane Talk by Kirk Lorange. The book teaches you a trick about how to visualize the fretboard to make. Kirk also has several of his own sites/forums and is also author of the amazing PlaneTalk book. This is a great DVD for beginner slide players, or for those who. For those of you who get lost on the fretboard while trying to improv, you need to check out Plane Talk by Kirk Lorange. His method is so simple.

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Your name or email address: The DVD begins with the mess lpane chromatic notes that is the guitar fingerboard kitk sifts all the notes out into three easily identifiable patterns.

It is a tad on the pricey side, but if I had to recommend two products for an intermediate type player to benefit from, one would be the Plane Talk system, and the other would be Matt Smith’s book, “Chop Shop”.

You’ll know when you’ve had enough and when it will be time to move on. No not the obvious, that I find out Heaven is a polka only zone. And would probably be moreso if I actually spent some decent time practicing it I don’t want to say too much out of respect for Kirk, but as tbeltrans says it’s similar to CAGED in that it’s a way to visualise and link up positions on the fretboard, pick out appropriate notes etc, but it is it’s own way of doing it.

I won’t get into a debate about the cost of the PT materials vs. You can break up the CAGED forms any way you want to, but there is a whole thinking process and approach that is decidedly lorabge when you think in smaller chunks right from the beginning.


If you consider yourself beginner-intermediate then it likely has something to teach you. Diese not just so much easier than what you can, learn from the CAGED system, you are much more practical as well.

Both very very enlightening. I’ve been klrk guitar for over 40 years, but was never very good at soloing. I agree with the posts that think it is suspect to buy a product based only on the conclusion without knowing at least something about the premise.

PlaneTalk by Kirk Lorange – Guitar Noise

Do you already have an account? I checked the site out but it is fairly tight-lipped. The systems I’m use to studying are all scalar, modal, lickal, and that’s just the way I sound.

Written what happens if I told you that most of the book is called a comic book? The ad uses a ‘ new, easy, different ‘ approach and I’m a little leary of it.

Plane Talk!

Lassen you break me out of the handy dandy computer and, Yes, this is the equivalent of two lessons, it is not? These patterns are not only so much simpler than what one learns from the CAGED system, they are much more practical as well.

If you know where all the triads are, then you will be able to find related notes quicker. You won’t have to think about modes and scales, and instead, you’ll be thinking about ‘music’ and ‘improvising’ an appropriate melodic phrase over whatever type of music you’re playing.

How do triads help you solo, I would still think you need to know the intervals and notes around the notes of the triads or else it would just seem to be picking the chords. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here MacaroniFeb 27, StaffMar 5, I can say that in any of my experiences playing in bands, I tend to play chords of three or four notes, rather than the typical six string chords of the CAGED system that most people think of when they think of barre chords.


So, would I recommend buying it? Mar 5, While most musicians p,ane charge for lessons, if someone were to go up to them after a gig and say “you’re amazing, I’d really like to chat about the way you hold your plaane, most will tell that person.

With regards to being leary of it, I can say that it is definately a valid technique and package despite the look of the webpage, and the DVD in particular is comprehensive and well done.

Plane Talk by Kirk Lorange – Guitar Noise Forums

Featured on Guitar Noise. It gives you an amazingly simple secret to mentally mapping the fretboard. Find all posts by Lorane. I wouldn’t say it was a life-changer, but the ‘technique’ for want of a better word he teaches is something I have kept floating around in my mind whilst playing and it is certainly useful. I still want to brush up on it and do a new one on my archtop.