A review and a link to other reviews of Killing Time by Paul Feyerabend. PAUL FEYERABEND. Killing Time. Chicago, University of Chicago Press, , cloth $ Robert Nola. Department of Philosophy. University of Auckland. Killing Timeis the story of Paul Feyerabend’s life. Killing Time Paul Feyerabend – – Inquiry: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy 23 (1):3 –

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The positivists favored an “upward seepage” of meaning, as Meehl called it: The book details, amongst other things, Feyerabend’s youth in Nazi -controlled Viennahis military service, notorious academic career, and his multiple romantic conquests.


Paul Meehl was interested in the mind-body problem and in the relation between theory and experiment. Sometimes his life seems like a series of people, dates and places. Although not written as an intellectual autobiography, Killing Time sketches the people, ideas, and conflicts of sixty years.

He recalls his promising talent as an operatic tenor a lifelong passionhis encounters with everyone from Martin Buber to Bertolt Brecht, innumerable love affairs, four marriages, and a career so rich feyrrabend once held tenured positions at four universities at the same time.

Outside the USA, see our international sales information. A question which remains, of course, is who is to be held responsible for intellectual aberrations and intentional obfuscation if this character is only to be acquired by an act of grace, an accidental constellation of circumstances.

Paul Feyerabend, Killing Time – PhilPapers

But even then, the stories, perspectives and anecdotes, haphazardly gathered as they are covering all-too-summarily a long life and career in philosophy, war, love and the artsare fascinating iilling diverse enough to make up for the book’s lack of structural cohesion.


Borrini must have been the single most important event in Feyerabend’s life.

Apparently anybody who comes too close to his own territory – Popper, Derrida – is a dangerous rival who must be opposed, either for self-protection, or feyerabendd because he externalizes his guilt over his own views onto “those OTHER fellow travellers”? In Feyerabend was given the opportunity to attend the Alpbach summer school forums, which he called “the most decisive step of my life.

Two annoying tics of the book are the incessant name-dropping as well as the sudden appearance of people who are clearly instrumental in Feyerabend’s life at specific moments, but never properly introduced to the reader.

Coen – – Modern Intellectual History 9 1: Throughout the book his personal friendships and influential and unlikely encounters with the famous and not so famous are described, as are many theatre and opera performances, films, and books that made an impression remarked upon. For more information, or to order this book, please visit https: Nils Holtug – – The Journal of Ethics 15 3: The central role in life of love and friendship is one of them.

Haroon Agha rated it it was amazing Nov 19, His intellectual progress is suggested in this book, though also not fully followed through. Babette Babich – – AI and Society 32 2: If you loved Astrid Lindgren as a child, you should read Killing Time. There was a problem adding your email address. Nor did this essentially inquiring mind ever cease knocking authority and criticizing the foundations of Western culture. Berkeley, the First Twenty Years Refresh and try again.

It would benefit from a new feeyrabend that had a timeline of where he was, and when. To ask other readers questions kllling Killing Timeplease sign up.

KILLING TIME by Paul Feyerabend | Kirkus Reviews

Five years later they married. Three Dialogues on Knowledge. Google Books no proxy journals. Looking at my ‘read’ shelf – who says Goodreads is useless? They listened to each other.


Killing, Wrongness, and Equality. But an equally fair generalisation is that scientists now are culturally ignorant.

Problems at the Margins of Life. Meaning comes from ideas. Nov 22, Sara Rahimi rated it really liked it. Mark rated it really liked it Aug 24, Feyerabend – – Blackwell. Trained in physics and astronomy, Feyerabend was best known as a philosopher of science.

They don’t feyerabebd do science. Luca Sciortino rated it it was amazing Jun 04, What Is an Event? International Journal of Behavioral Development. After a brief stint at the University of Bristol Feyerabend eventually accepted a position at Berkeley.

Killing Time – US. Tuer le temps – France.

University and Early Travels 7. Theodore Sider – – Philosophical Studies 2: It’s not a great book, nor is it greatly written, strangely enough.

Yet the Nazi takeover of Vienna in washed over a schoolboy with no consciousness of anti-Semitism but many memories of family eccentricities, suicides, and encounters with ghostly relatives. It leaves a mark. While Killing Time is definitely not a narrowly intellectual autobiography, it does contain material on the development of Feyerabend’s philosophical ideas.

Feyerabend barely managed to finish writing the book, lying in a hospital bed with an inoperable brain tumor and the left side of his body paralyzed, and he died shortly before it was released. Essays in Memory of Paul Feyerabend.