Week 1: Review/Begin Optimality Theory. Reading: Kager Chapter 1: Conflicts in Grammar. The fundamental idea behind OT is that surface forms of language. c h a m b e r s a n d p e t e r t r u d g i l l Dialectology Second edition c. ly o n s Definiteness r. k a g e r Optimality Theory OPTIMALITY THEORY rené kager. Optimality Theory [Rene Kager].pdf. Download. Share This Post. Related Articles. Phonology Analysis and Theory [Edmund Gussmann].pdf.

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Cindy rated it liked it Mar 22, Common terms and phrases affixed algorithm alignment constraints ALL-FT-L allomorphs allophonic analysis base chapter coda complex consonant constraint hierarchy constraint interaction constraint ranking context contrast correspondence constraints cross-linguistic deletion DEP-IO derivational dominated edge epenthesis epenthetic vowels evaluation example factorial typology faithfulness constraints feature foot FT-BiN grammar Hixkaryana http: Mark; Klein, Ewan”Review: Precise definitions in literature vary.

Most OT literature on phonology, for example, assumes the representational alphabet of non-linear metrical and autosegmental phonology. Presenting the data in this way makes it easier to make generalizations.

– Optimality Theory (Cambridge Textbooks in Linguistics) by Rene Kager

Chapter 8 is devoted to the analysis of Whmovement and its relation with auxiliary inversion and do-support in English by Grimshawpointing out the relevance of OT outside phonology.

There have been a number of proposals designed to account for it, but most of the proposals significantly alter Optimality Theory’s basic architecture and therefore tend to be highly controversial. This book presents an introductionto OptimalityTheory, a grammatical framework of recent origin Prince and SmolenskyMcCarthy and Prince a, b.


Aug 27, WH rated it really liked it Shelves: Gradually more and more properties were factored out of rules and attributed to universal conditions on rules and representations.

9780521580199 – Optimality Theory (Cambridge Textbooks in Linguistics) by Rene Kager

Non-computable Functions in Optimality Theory. Prince, Alan and Paul Smolensky. It also reviews in detail a selection of the considerable research output which OT has already produced. Linguistics Phonology Phonotactics Linguistic hypotheses.

Are you a frequent reader or book collector? Neither of these are truthful, which is a failing of writing out rankings in a linear fashion like this. The book does not limit its empirical scope to phonological phenomena, but also contains chapters on the learnability of OT grammars; OT’s implications for syntax; and other issues such as opacity.

Dursun Altinok rated it it was amazing Jan 08, Thus, Optimality Theory as a framework is best described [ according to whom? Finally, OT also eliminates derivations, replacing these by parallelism: Examples of these include John J. Millions of books are added to our site everyday and when we find one that matches your search, we’ll send you an e-mail.


Optimality Theory – Kager

Brasoveanu, Adrian, and Alan Prince Optimality Theory is not a theory of representations, but a theory of interactions of grammatical principles. Markedness constraints motivate changes from the underlying form, and faithfulness constraints prevent every input from being realized as some completely unmarked form such as [ba].

Exercises accompany chaptersand there are sections on further reading. A readable introduction to Optimality Theory phonology. Wendy rated it liked it Jan 06, It is claimed that Optimality Theory cannot account for phonological opacity see Idsardifor example. Optimality in Prosodic Morphology. Kgaer helps you keep track of books you want to read.

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During its brief period of existence, OT has sparked off a large output opfimality articles, PhD dissertations, and volumes. Unmarked values are crosslinguistically preferred and basic in all grammars, while marked values are cross- linguistically avoided and used by grammars only to create contrast.