Mnemonica: On The Memorized Deck [Juan Tamariz] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A celebrity of television and stage in Spain and. I’ve recently started giving thought to obtaining the book “Mnemonica” by Juan Tamariz. It’s not a cheap book, so I want to make sure it’s really. Find great deals for Mnemonica by Juan Tamariz – Book. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Let me explain where I’m coming from, Xpilot: I misread and though the example you gave was the Test Condition trick.

I performed two effects from this book at my local Magic Society, and totally fooled pro magicians with 20 to 30 years experience.

However, for its price I’m hoping there’s a large selection of tricks that don’t require me to learn the Mnemonica stack that is, I can use my own stack instead or master the Faro shuffle. There is still some mis-information in this thread. Customer reviews for Mnemonica. I bet you Juan Tamariz has worked on this book for ages and decades.

Mnemonica by Juan Tamariz – Book

There is tricks for gambling demonstrations, mentalism, table magic We send packages out via MyHermes the same day that we receive them. Magic Tricks View the range. Incidentally, you might have heard some people say that any memorized stack can do anything a mathematical stack such as BCS, Si Stebbins, or Eight Kings can do. Steven Keyl Inner circle Washington, D. I flipped through Mnemonica and got a little too boggled too soon.

Then when you get to Tamariz, you’ll be able to pick up all the little hints he throws in very quickly in passing, each which could be turned into a full blown routine. So I have to disagree here.


Mnemonica by Juan Tamariz – Book | eBay

There doesn’t appear to be any mndmonica way to reach Aronson stack from new deck order. I love that book. Over the past two decades, Tamariz has been the recognized leader in its use and, with Simon Aronson in the United States who contributes an introduction to this bookthe most influential.

We hope you found the magic tricks you were looking for! This book has my highest recommendations. Right now, from my position as a complete hobbyist, the question I ask before learning anything in card magic–a new sleight, a new principle, new memory work, a different mathematical system–is whether it will lead me to an effect that can be just as deceptive and mystifying using simpler means or something I already know. Both Aronson and Tamariz are different in jan approaches to mem deck magic.

You can do utterly Amazing things with this stack in your mind.

Mnemonica by Juan Tamariz – Book

Does it have much in the way of “Built in” effects? We keep our most popular products in stock in the UK so often this step is skipped. And again, I’m not saying this to put down the Aronson stack; I’m saying this to elevate the BCS stack, which I feel like has been mnemonicw put down too many times.

It will make you addicted to it, and you will treat it like your precious I have always felt that it’s more important for a stack to be arranged in such a fashion as to make broad classes of effects easier, rather than specific items. Ships from our warehouse – allow days for dispatch. So despite popular belief, there are some tricks that are unique to mathematical stacks, even in non-repetitive random-looking stacks like BCS.


So much fun with Mnemonica miracles, sure. The only people that would say that are the ones that already say “if you’re going to take the time and effort to memorized a stack why not have some bonus features built in to it?

Suit Cut to Orde. While most other UK magic shops hide what happens behind the scenes, we want you to know exactly how things work. Tamariz teaches you how to memorize the stack-forever—in as little as three hours.

This makes it extremely easy to read and you don’t really need to go elsewhere to try to understand what Juan is saying. Most people that I know would agree that a memdeck is more useful in the sense that you know where any card is without having to see the top or any other card.

Juan Tamariz- Mnemonica Stack

The book has every trick you are looking for. Get it along with with Aronson’s books and Harry Lorrayne’s memory books. Mnemonica is great mem decks in general actually. Hard work will allow you to do miracles Report this review Pro Privacy ON login to see reviewer names on May 5th, Shop with confidence thanks to our Price Matching Policy.

This book has opened my eyes. I’m not good with Faro shuffles and some other types of sleight-of-hand such as second-dealing and bottom-dealing. Apr 8, And that is, don’t get Mnemonica yet.