Quantum Evolution presents a revolutionary new scientific theory by asking: is there a force of will behind evolution? In his astonishing first book, Johnjoe. Molecular biologist Johnjoe McFadden risks the Inquisition by suggesting just such a possibility in Quantum Evolution: The New Science of Life. Directed at a. Johnjoe McFadden “enters new and provocative territory in his marriage of physics and biology” (Science News). His simple but staggering theory of quantum.

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It was just so packed full of information, that I wanted to make sure I actually learned it, so I literally had to stop and process every few pages.

Everyone get in the TimeBlimp!!! Directed at a general but somewhat sophisticated readership, the book covers the basics of both standard evolutionary theory and quantum-level physics, then synthesizes them in an interesting theory of made-to-order mutation that explains enough to warrant attention and is, importantly, testable. In a nutshell, the original molecule uses quantum mechanical superposition to try on a gigantic number of possible designs, one of which will happen to be self-replicating.

They exist because they have been able to thrive in the current environment. Things get reeeallllyy wacky at the end of the book, when McFadden turns his attention to the brain, specifically to consciousness.

Quantum Evolution: How Physics’ Weirdest Theory Explains Life’s Biggest Mystery by Johnjoe McFadden

Some interesting stuff mcfaden thought here, but I’m not convinced. Evan rated it really liked it Jun 07, This book is fucking amazing. What’s offered here is a third option: I mean, I get the now seemingly maligned Schrodinger’s Cat illustration of basic elements of the quantum universe, and I see how applying that to all aspects of science evolutipn making determinism archaic complicates much of what we know in the pursuit of answering more questions about our world and our universe This is a fallacious argument from incredulity, which he attempts to support by referencing Michael Behe’s Darwin’s Black Box.


Containing both an introduction to quantum physics and the probabilistic universe, and McFadden’s theory on how quantum theory intersects with evolution, this book is a page by page gasp-a-thon! A common misconception is that science progresses through massive paradigm shifts – it generally doesn’t. No trivia or quizzes yet.

Quantum mechanics is counter-intuitive, deeply mathematical and makes your head hurt. Nov 21, Peter rated it it was ok. Those mutations that happen to cause advantages will naturally qantum around, since the organisms carrying them will outlive all other variants of the species. Jacob rated it liked it Jan 15, And that self-replicating version of the molecule serves as the observer to collapse the quantum wavefunction.

Michalak rated it liked johnjo Dec 28, Paul Vittay rated it it was amazing Jan 18, Brain cells are electrical — all those little ions shuffling back and forth across the cell membrane cause little electromagnetic fields in the space around the cells. Now I’m not entirely sure I buy his conclusions at the end.

He also refers to perhaps the biggest gaping hole in evolutionary theory remaining — the origin of life. Nerve cells tend to do a lot of crystal meth. Despite my skepticism about his theories, his book is quite entertaining and admirable for its gusto. Yaru Lin rated it really liked it Jul 16, I finished the book and googled the topic.

We know that if you bake a cake, you’re not going to pull a chocolate mousse out of the This is basically a response in support of punctuated equilibrium that proposes a quantum level solution.

McFadden posits that the scientific theory evolution by natural selection is an insufficient explanation in biology.


Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. More often facts are stranger than fiction. I would suspect that having a planet in johnoe perceived status for a few billion years, and then changing would put some real harsh blockers in trying to recreate in an experiment.

We’ve been able to identify and document a few of these iterations. Want nohnjoe Read Currently Reading Read. This is basically a response in support of punctuated equilibrium that proposes a quantum level solution. Readers wanting to learn about science and how scientists think would be well advised to bear in mind that this work reflects the author’s extremely idiosyncratic views on biology and that a mainstream consensus isn’t presented.

Quantum Evolution: The New Science of Life

Well, this experiments haven’t worked. This book is written so efficiently, almost every sentence gives you some new piece of information. The hairiest heresy of evolutionary biology, the one most likely to get scientists figuratively burned at the stake, is the notion that any force more selective than blind chance could drive mutation.

As Paul Davies exclaims, “if these ideas are right, they will transform our understanding of the relationship between physics and biology” and may radically revise the notion of random jonjoe and the debate over consciousness and free will. This gets around the thorny problem of atomicity in evolution also known as the “flying dragons” or “what use is an eye halfway through it’s evolution” problem.

Seanlindstedt rated it really liked it Apr 13,