Johann Kaspar Mertz sheet Music for classical guitar. Free Public Domain Sheet Music in PDF format. Composer: Johann Kaspar Mertz, Editor: Simon Wynberg Volume 5: Few of Mertz`s works can be described as “easy” and even those in this selection are not . One of the most brilliant representatives of the school Viennese of guitar at the beginning of the 19th century, Mertz was often called and named Johann Kaspar .

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This Form cannot be submitted until the missing fields labelled below in red have been filled in. While the works of Mertz have gained rightly deserved attention since the s, they are mostly still far from standard-repertory status. Died October 14, in Vienna, Austria. FromMertz ‘s concert activity was suspended because he became seriously ill from a strychnine overdose, taken to relieve symptoms of neuralgia. In Mertz entered a competition for composers held in Brussels by wealthy Russian nobleman Nicolai Petrovich Makaroff.

He met his wife on one of his concert tours, pianist Josephine Plantin, whom he married in Prague in Click here to enrich our site with your performance Inspired by Romantic piano styles There are clear references to the current Romantic piano styles which Mertz was exposed to through his wife’s piano work.

Over the following year he was nursed back to health in the presence his wife, the concert pianist Josephine Plantin whom he married in In Brussels, Belgium, inJohann Kaspar Mertz won first composition prize in a local guitar competition. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully.

Palmer Piano Book Level: Interestingly these pieces were inspired by a man who did not exist! Mertz wrote guitar music stylistically similar to Robert Schumann’s piano work. Pirates of the Caribbean Theme – Piotr Popczyk.

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Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Also Available Digitally Google Play. Sotos Bakas – Fearless by Erik Mongrain. FromMertz resumed his concert tours, and his wife often appeared with him in duo repertory.

Johann Kaspar Mertz – Wikipedia

Join Our Email List. He exhibited remarkable talent as a child on both the guitar and flute, but the family’s dismal financial circumstances inhibited his development. Streams Videos All Posts. Collection of pieces performed by Raymond Lohengrin.

Among his better known transcriptions are the 6 Schubertian Songs Johanj virtuosohe established a solid reputation as a performer. If you are a newbie yet a guitar enthusiast and you are seeking to buy one among the best guitars for beginnersthen there are tips and facts you will have to put into consideration. This masterwork edition features thoughtful, expert fingerings by respected performer and pedagogue Julian Gray.

Graceful Endeavour – guitar and flute duet – Alastair Lewis. The Classical Guitar Collection Arr. Even so, the poetry inspired many a Romantic European poet or musician.

Rodrigo y Gabriela’s latest album ‘8 Dead Alive’.

Great Serenade opus kasspar 2nd part. But fortunately, a good portion of Mertz ‘s better efforts have been widely available via recording in the past couple of decades. It is a must-have for any serious classical guitarist. Gail Lew Piano Book Level: Mertz’s guitar music, unlike that of most of his contemporaries, followed the pianistic models of ChopinMendelssohnSchubert and Schumannrather than the classical models of Mozart and Haydn as did Sor and Aguadoor the bel canto style of Rossini as did Giuliani.

Johann Kaspar Mertz

Alfred Classical Guitar Masterworks. Selected Favorites Transcribed for Guitar Transcr. His guitar styles are more similar to the pianistic forms of Chopin, Mendelssohn, Shubert and Schumann than earlier guitar forms employed by Fernando SorDionisio Aguado classical — Hadyn Mozart and Mauro Giuliani bel canto – Rossini.


Mertz eventually devoted most of his energies to the guitar, but it was not until he was 34 that he moved to Vienna to launch his career as a concert guitarist.

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in. Johann Kaspar Mertzperhaps more than any other Central European musician of his time, was associated with the guitar, both as a composer and performer. Nicholas Goluses Guitar Book Level: Johann Kaspar Mertz’s Elegie performed by Giuseppe Chiaramonte Do you have your own video to submit to maestros-of-the-guitar. By 12 he was contributing to the family income by giving music lessons.

Guitar Festival hosts a stellar lineup of performers.

A classical guitar treat at New York’s newest entertianment venue – Subculture. In Mertz nearly died of an overdose of strychnine that had been prescribed to him as a treatment for neuralgia.

Falaciously they were ascribed jlhann a 3rd century bard called Ossian Gaelic, but in reality the work was written in the ‘s by the Scotsman James MacPherson. Mertz was born in Pressburg, now Bratislava in Slovakia. Mdrtz Alastair Lewis Guitar and tenor voice – Alastair Lewis. Selections from Samuel Maykapar: Jazz Latin New Age. There he was appointed Court guitarist, and then soon embarked on his first European tour, which included stops in Poland and Russia.