“One of the leading big-picture thinkers of our day” (Utne Reader) delivers his boldest work in this erudite, tough-minded, and far-reaching manifesto. In this sweeping new interpretation of the history of civilization, bestselling author Jeremy Rifkin looks at the evolution of empathy and the profound ways that it. TITLE: The Empathic Civilisation. Speakers: Jeremy Rifkin. Chaired by: Date: Venue: RSA, 8 John Adam Street, London WC2N 6EZ. NB. This is an unedited.

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The innate sociability of human beings is a fact, but it does not follow that keremy are likely to cooperate in dealing with environmental crisis. Rifkin takes The Empathic Civilization a step above and beyond with his overall thesis: Dec 08, Fred Rocha marked it as to-read. The Internet is only jjeremy example – another inspiring idea is the decentralization of energy into renewables that can be harvested by individuals and communities and fed back into a responsive grid.

Ok, maybe this isn’t as indirect as I thought.

Overview Music Video Charts. View all 3 comments. If our feelings completely spill over into another’s feeling or their feelings overwhelm our psyche, we lose a sense of self and the ability to imagine the other jeremt if they were us. A nicely supported book about how empathy has evolved over time.

This book took months to read, partially due to its sheer volume, but mostly because the ideas need to be processed meaningfully rather than blown past. Fossil fuel consumption is releasing titanic amounts of CO2 into the planet atmosphere and increasing the greenhouse effect dramatically, meaning: Published January 19th by Polity Press first published January 19th I cannot support the main argument of the book which is that our civilization is getting more and more empathic.

For much of the book, he seems to blame the state of our civilization on entropy, rather than the destructive attitudes and beliefs. It isn’t so much that Obama himself represents a turning point, as much as the Millenials are ushering in the victory of multicultural hippie-paganism over Judeo-Christian traditionalism, and this probably will ease the emlathic to the empathic civilization Rifkin describes.


Do we have the capacity and collective will to come together in a way that will enable us to cope with the great challenges of our time? Just in time, too, as the fuels th Part biology, part psychology, part history, and all philosophy, this is a book that deserves to be read slowly and digested, not raced through.


This is the book that pulls it all together! But if you can apply the right filters, you will find ‘The Empathic Civilization’ filled with some of the most important cultural ideas yet expressed this century, and you can always go back to Pinker or Turchin for a deeper dive.

Stewart Brand’s recent Whole Earth Disciplinewhich argues that coping with environmental breakdown will necessitate making the most of demonised technologies such as nuclear energy and GM food, is more realistic as well as more visionary. Empaathic, Rifkin argues, finds itself on the cusp of its greatest experiment to date: Oct 07, David rated it it was amazing.

Through this exposure, the complex civilization will increase their appreciation of, keremy respect for, diversity. At various times in civilizayion new energy regimes have converged with new communication revolutions, creating ever more complex societies that heightened empathic sensitivity and expanded human consciousness.

Journal of the Society for Existential Analysis.

Spencer’s mischaracterization of “nature red in tooth and claw,” replaced by a civilizatjon sensitive understanding of the biological and sociological evolution; the progression of socio-economic communities-civilizations-from the Neolithic to the “Modern Market Economy”; the current “Age of Empathy,” in which the dominance of one language English”backyard” energies wind, solar, etc.

With global warming fuelling a resurgence of geopolitical tensions, climate science has become a weapon in a war of disinformation. See all books by Jeremy Rifkin. The essence rivkin any catch is that there is no way out, but Rifkin shrinks from this cruel logic, with the result that his argument verges on incoherence.

The Empathic Civilization

Gray ‘s review in The Guardian described the theme of Rifkin’s argument as “a struggle between the polar forces of empathy and entropy” and that “as civilisation has extended the reach of empathy beyond the family and the tribe The disadvantage is that, when we don’t dive deep into how the selfish gene and altruistic gene interact, or in how mirror neurons have evolved in larger neural networks, Rifkin’s case sounds less convincing. Myself and 31 other readers read this sentence and highlighted it: This page was last edited on 18 Septemberat Want to Read saving….


In Rifkin’s realistic exploration of the idea, he draws on the past to make a case for an evolution in human consciousness mythological, theological, ideological, psychological and dramaturgical based on changes in technology, energy use, education, parenting and human relationships.

More by Jeremy Rifkin. They are best controlled by individuals or small communities.

The Empathic Civilization: The Race To Global Consciousness In A World In Crisis by Jeremy Rifkin

Rarely does a book offer so much in one volume, so do not consider its heft to represent an all-you-can-eat literary hot dog eating contest, but rather a gourmet all-you-can eat buffet of some of the most fascinating concepts you’ll have encountered in years. Well, if nothing else the result is likely to be: In essence, this shift in consciousness is based upon reaching out to others.

Likewise, the reviewer in Journal of Psychohistory was disappointed with the one reference to Lloyd deMause who the reviewer believed would have helped Rifkin’s case. The best, but most long-winded, part of this book is the history. He ends with some great ideas on how we are and how we can continue to improve society while ensuring the safety of the planet we reside on.

If you are feeling cynical or perhaps the opposite, you are tired of defending your optimistic point of view then you must read this book.

I would even say that it is the other way around. The Inevitable Kevin Kelly. This book would be eifkin as good if it were half the size.