In one of the best available books on the topic, Franklin explains the spiritual power of fasting and offers a deeper understanding of God’s plan for fasting and the Review by Thomas / (Posted on 9/10/); Great insights. PM EST 1/4/ Jentezen Franklin. Fasting isn’t meant to Stated simply, biblical fasting is refraining from food for a spiritual purpose. Fasting has always. Buy FASTING by JENTEZEN FRANKLIN (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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We reserve the right to deny commenting privileges of anyone for any period of time for any reason. Jun 07, The entire time that you are on a fast you are acknowledging God.

This includes fequently linking to your site at the end your comments. Oct 13, Comments should not harass, abuse or threaten another’s personal safety or property, make false statements, defame or impersonate someone else.

If Jesus needed to fast, how much greater is our need to fast? As much attention should be given to fasting as is given to giving and praying. Comments are not pre-screened before they post. Please follow these guidelines before commenting on our website: Do not use our comments section to advertise your website s.


May 28, For more information, visit ECFA.

Do not question others’ faith just because you disagree with them. Abigail 1, books view quotes. Include a link to the comment, along with a statement explaining what you believe the violation is and any evidence backing your claim. It is a vow you choose to make to pursue God on a deeper level.

If Jesus and your mother would not approve of your writing, you should revise your comment before submitting. If you believe a comment is in violation of the above guidelines, U. When you are feeling hungry, empty, and weak, you connect with God without all the clutter. In that way fasting is a time vow. If fastiing really knew, there would likely be some things we would never eat again.

Help Charisma stay strong for years to come as we report fraknlin life in the Spirit. I am not in this for what I can get out of Jesus.

Jentezen Franklin: How Fasting Releases God’s Blessings — Charisma Magazine

Frank 1 book view quotes. It is also a discipline vow. The physical health you seek from God may be more than an answer to prayer. Alvin 1 book view quotes. This Quote Is From.

Charisma Magazine

Visit the Jentezsn Store to view all our specials. Do not post personal information including phone numbers, email or mailing addresses, or credit card information belonging to you or others. Bulelwa 3 books view quotes. When I was an evangelist, my brother and I traveled together and would rotate our preaching nights. Let me clear up some misconceptions, though.


Get Spirit-filled content delivered right to your inbox! Please be considerate and respectful of your fellow posters. Christy books view quotes. Why should it be such a small part of yours? Jan 07, Sep 29, Fasting has always been a normal part of a relationship with God. I can do without a lot of things, but I cannot do anything without Jesus. In Matthew 6, Jesus talks about three duties of every Christian: Fasting is not a requirement; it is a choice.

Restore Your Joy by Jentezen Franklin ratings, average rating, 20 reviews.

If it doesn’t mean anything to you, it won’t mean anything to God. Whether you desire to be closer to God or are in need of great breakthroughs in your life, remember that nothing shall be impossible to you.