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As per usual, I did not read the blurb before starting the book and so I had assumed that it’d be about a eugenidess pact, perhaps one started by a group of friends at school. It’s utterly captivating; Eugenides’s use of the choral narrative voice was unlike anything I’ve read before and the descriptions and dreamy and compelling. Jefrey for making me feel stupid and ineloquent!

Set in the s in a suburb of Detroit, the novel is the first person account of an unnamed narrator who seems to have been a teenage boy once, and who like many of his friends, is obsessed with the secrets of the enigmatic Lisbon girls, five aloof sisters who we’re told very early eugnides, in case the title didn’t spoil it, take their own lives.

The Virgin Suicides

The novel was reissued in There is a lot to chew on and it had me checking the dictionary on more than one occasion. One hell of a writer. They do nothing to save them; they only Wow, you knew that this guy was the real deal after all. The characters in this book are so well developed. I couldn’t put this book down. I almost laughed a few times at how the girls are described by the creepy old men of the town.

View all 52 comments. Cecilia has a funeral, but due to a funeral workers’ strike, her body is kept chilled at the mortuary. I felt that The Virgin Suicides depicted heightened and exaggerated realism and it forces you to truly think about the Lisbon girls, not just as characters, but as real people with intentions.


Symbolism – As the story deteriorates, so do the structures and the people.

Depressed people who complain about apathetic parents. And, I think it is important that the “coating” is never pretty.

It would have been too simple for a story to be all about that. I think maybe a few people are eugenjdes to be disappointed that I didn’t give this five stars, and I mean, I’m upset that it wasn’t five stars either, but hear me out.

Le vergini suicide

Me gusta que un autor tenga esa magia. Thinking about it, this also might be because the characters’ everyday experiences were so completely removed from anything I remember about being a teenager, so I didn’t find any of it to be something I could relate to either.

Despite this tick of Euginides writing, I feel as though this book will stick with me for a while. A bullet for inevitable momentum. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Every element spirals into a gloomy miasma and it moves towards the ultimate sad eugfnides. She is 13 years old and the first to go, she is known as the odd sibling.

It centres around five sisters: View all 8 comments. Trivia About The Virgin Suicides. Part of eugenidfs was keffrey in Berlin, Germany, where Eugenides lived from tobut it was chiefly concerned with the Greek-American immigrant experience in the United States, against the rise and fall of Detroit.

Yes, interesting because I’m scraping the empty vaults of my vocabulary and coming back with nothing else. Somebody out of touch with reality.

Le vergini suicide – Jeffrey Eugenides – Google Books

Hutch put it, “They made Cecilia out to be the bad guy. In the morning, a soft oral thrush had sprouted over their tonsils. Eugenides records suicids all in dizzying prose that is amazingly detailed, often acidic and sometimes baffling. Until the last sentence when Eugenides revealed that the narrators are already middle-age men with thinning hair and soft bellies. Books by Jeffrey Eugenides.


I was just so transported into this story. While Eygenides keeps intimate details of his sexual triumphs confidential, or possibly forgets them in a haze of marijuana, he is smitten when he stumbles into the wrong history class and encounters Lux Lisbon.

One medical opinion eugehides the Lisbon girls are acting out grief over their dead sister by mimicking her tragic behavior. They recount one year some twenty years earlier and the obsession they had with a jffrey of girls; an obsession which haunts them even in their adult years. The writing is as beautiful as the sisters, the story travels quickly almost without pause and you get really I really loved heffrey way this story was delivered, told from the point of view of the neighbourhood boys who have an obsessive fascination for the five Lisbon sisters who all succumb to suicide.

The second time around the story still took me for a wild ride and had my jaw dropping. She leaves no note and her diary, which ends up in the hands of the narrator, offers no clues as to why she’d kill herself.

Pero han parecido meses. They had lived on the same street and obsessed over this family, more specially the daughters. Couldnt get my head round the characters.