I really have reservations partaking in this thread. This post is going to appear as fanning the flames, but it’s not done with any ill motive behind. Summary of James16’s chart thread. Posted on July 27, by lowcheemeng. Uses his indicators as support and resistance levels in order to see the big. The forexfactory James 16 thread is pretty legendary. But the thing is + pages. Worth reading? There’s like a 2 page pdf summary out there.

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Yes, when time allows Threqd will post up a chart. And pls suggest solid leads. Seems like a credible enough guy except for yet another curious thing.

James16 Forex Trading Strategies & Methods Decoded!

For the newer people out there, let me introduce myself. I like babypips for what it’s worth Perhaps you get 3 months profitable in a row.

So there you have it, now that you know some solid facts about Forex pin bar trading, why not you try it in your forex demo account. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. You must make a beeline for tools that work with minimal complexity, cost and greatest impact.

james16 Chart Thread

Quality rebutall versus trading gurus such as James 16 Simple facts. A very good pin bar is one whose nose protrudes through a fib, large MA or a pivot and the open and close stay on the threas side. Trust me, Murphy’s Law. Do your diligent research before spending your money though. The only reason I got excited yhread because at the time it was shooting up!

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This stuff works, but you have to put in the time, be patient, and never give up now if I can only listen to my own advice.

James, I don’t mean to come off sounding so critical, perhaps you do mean best. Idk the details, but something went for shit in his personal life. If you are a new forex trader, you will find thrrad a bit too much, you have to read a handful of times to fully absorb all the information.

You have to trade the pin bar in the opposite direction the spiky tail also known as the shadow is pointing. Most of the ideas presented have been around for many years. My trading has only started to really work out since. CT trading is just stupid and a good way to blow out a account.

James16 Forex Trading Strategies

Always be cautious of divergence in a strong trending market and use it conjunction with other things. If you are forex trader that like frequent trading, this will really test your patience seriously! Again, many parts of this post are going to come off sounding rather abrasive, and I apologize in advance for that, but my BS meter is frankly off tnread charts.


Fijitrader, a mysterious guru-guy in our group who actually traded his way to living thrread Fiji If it does, then you can short it.

James16 Forex Factory Thread –

No Promotional Activity Content marketing is not allowed. Thgead main EMAs that you can use are:. Other people saying it was good. But to be honest, we have one friend in the end: Aug 28, 95 Email required Address never made public. My wife is not happy at this point. FX Bandit Member Sep 26, Yes I had the privilege of being part of J16 private forum for years jaems16 Jim became a ghost and it was some of the best stuff ever.

At the same time, I also have not done lot of trades on Pin bar. Nov 24, 5, This is our dream.