King Rat [James Clavell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. 1 SOFTCOVER BOOK (pocket size). King Rat has ratings and reviews. Agnieszka said: Changi was set like a pearl on the eastern tip of Singapore Island, iridescent under the b. Sep 12, KING RAT was my first Clavell novel and it was a fantastic It’s the main philosophical quandary James Clavell is playing with, through the.

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It’s a fantastic character study written in such a flat, Hemingwayesque prose that it cracked me up for being so alike sometimes. The creation of Changi Prison Museum”. Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of Then, they go to jqmes Shagata.

King Rat Summary & Study Guide

And the strongest was always the King, not by strength alone, but King by cunning and luck and strength together. Dec 03, Katie rated it it was amazing. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Clavell’s first chapter of his debut novel showed exactly how to build a setting and flesh it out with characters in a compelling, if horrific, manner was just text book.

Grey — who comes off as an evil character — has the single role of providing the opposite voice and of overseeing that the law is carried out — a policeman or judge in a sense. I’ve read Shogun and Taipan, and though I adored the story lines and over the top drama in those books, I never really connected with the main characters because they were so loud and bold like superheroes A few days later the men are still under hut arrest, and Mac hears that the Japanese have surrendered.


Read more from the Study Guide. One fed off the other, and when the environment is upended, the symbiotic relationship utterly falls apart.

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His weapons are human courage, unblinking understanding of human weaknesses, and total willingness to exploit every opportunity to enlarge his power and corrupt or destroy anyone who stands in his path. This is prominent throughout the novel, and becomes more complex as morality is thrown into the mix and Clavell begins to ask if the sacrifice of morality is really worth it in order to survive.

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The sea welcomed her and made her sleep easy, and then, in the course of time, devoured the clothes and body and the time of her. Gai-Jin in chronology of Asian Saga.

They also try to have religious services regularly. It just isn’t done, old boy”. Soap is rare, privacy almost nonexistent.

Review of James Clavell’s King Rat | BakerstoneBroadcast

Having said that, still, highly recommended both on its own and as the fourth in the whole series. Grey is attempting to maintain military discipline among the prisoners and sees the King as the antithesis of his beliefs. Eve gives birth to another litter of rats, and the King sees that they will need more cages to hold the rats as they grow. He did a good job. I also enjoyed the “extras” that the movie didn’t show, such as the cross-dressing POW Sean who serves as the outlet for the prisoners’ pent-up desires.

Is it kkng alright?

View the Study Pack. He befriends an honorable British officer, Peter Marlowe, who acts as his interpreter and learns that many ethical dilemmas may be relative. The novel is set in the Japanese-run Changi prison camp, located deep in the jungle on Singapore Island, during the months leading up to the Japanese surrender and the end of the war.


Review of James Clavell’s King Rat

As the son of a working-class family, Grey follows the rules for their own sake using kung position as Provost Marshal to gain a status otherwise unavailable to him in British society. It stood on a slight rise and around it was a belt of green, and farther off the green gave way to the blue-green seas and the seas to infinity of horizon.

It’s not pleasant, but really good. The next night Mac uses the part Marlowe has brought him and is able to get the news from Calcutta, which they quickly spread through the camp by word of mouth.

After the King calms down he talks Marlowe into only taking the part he needs and burying the rest of the radio, and the two sneak clavlel into camp. Chronological Order 6 books.

Follow Us on Facebook. The characters became more likable and the pace picked up a lot.

The place is a brutal prison camp deep in Japanese-occupied territory. They are told that the war is really over and that the prisoners will begin to be transported home soon.

The men are courageous, brave, and have the greatest survival instincts.