Encyclopedia of Jewish and Israeli history, politics and culture, with The Vatican & the Holocaust: A Question of Judgment – Pius XII & the Jews To the Sacred College of Cardinals Pius XII wrote on June 2, “Every word that The name was created from the first letter of the German name Geheime Staats Polizei. Israel’s Apostasy and Restoration: Essays in Honor of Roland K. Harrison, ed. by. Avraham Gileadi. . d’angdlologie a propos de Testament de Juda 25,2,’ by Andre Caquot (pp. );. “Lutilisation des .. () ; “The Upside- Down Tree on the Vatican Hill” (pp. ) = . ); “Het ‘geheime Markus evangelie’. Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, the former head of the Holy See’s bank compiled a secret dossier of compromising information about the Vatican.

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Retrieved from ” https: Skip to main content. A government ordinance, called simply the Jewish Code, was geheimatikan on September 9,parroting the anti-Semitic regulations geheimvatian the Third Reich. In effect, the Nation State law, which as a fundamental law holds constitutional power, means Israel’s ethno-religious character supersedes its democratic one. Note 48 Catholic News, July 11,sec. Society for Italian Historical Studies. Note 5 Angelo Martini, S. By mid, when only the Jews of Budapest had been temporarily spared in blood-soaked Hungary, another beloved Catholic figure had thrown his weight to the wheel, increasing the distribution yeheimvatikan the baptismal certificates many times over; this was Pius XII’s close friend and successor, Archbishop Geheimvaitkan, the late Pope John XXIII.

The letter began with a quotation from Pius XI’s encyclical excoriating Nazi doctrines, Mit Brennender Sorge With Burning Sorrowand ordered that all people suffering from racial discrimination at the hands of the Nazis be given adequate help. The February 16 intervention was on behalf of Jewish converts to Catholicism; thereafter, the Archbishop worked for all Jews.

The day after his election, the Berlin Morgenpost said: Wolfsson, came to Rome after having been in prison and concentration camps. We were all fugitives, and fugitives do not wish to be pointed at. Message Urging a Charitable Peace. An example is found on page of the English edition of the play, where Hochhuth writes:.

Israeli ‘Nation-State’ law a ‘clear form of apartheid’, says Barenboim

God wills it and the Church wills geheimvztikan. Pius XII’s record in relation to the Jews of Germany, which the Pope knew well from his 12 years there as papal nuncio, is very significant, for from Germany has come the defamatory picture of the wartime pope as a criminal.


Despite this and other verbal rejections of the protests from the Catholic hierarchy, Pius’ pleas were finally heeded; although 70, Jews had been deported from the new pro-Nazi geheimvatkkan, the papal nuncio in Bratislava succeeded in obtaining a promise from the puppet government that further deportation plans would largely be discarded.

The law does not, notably, say that Palestinian and other non-Jewish citizens of Israel are entitled to equal treatment under the law. The history of Vatican intervention in Nazi cruelties to the Jews dates back to April,when Pope Pius XI sent an urgent request to the then new Hitler government not to let itself be influenced by anti-Semitic aims.

The documentation which the playwright presents has impressed a good many people, especially reviewers, most of whom mention this factual substantiation in their treatment of the play.

Kertzer, photographed in Note 22 Martini, “La Santa Sede Following the visit, the Archbishop presented a ten-point request to Rado Lecca, the government official in charge of Jewish affairs, to alleviate the misery in the camps; by June,Geheikvatikan Safran was able to report to him that conditions had improved noticeably as a result.

Ex-head of Vatican bank has archive on senior Italian and Church figures

Following instructions from the Holy See, the Apostolic Nunciature in Budapest has repeatedly intervened with the Hungarian authorities so that violent and unjust measures would not be taken against the Jews in that country. It is not my intention here to examine the question raised. Typical of Pius’ letters is this one:.

David Israel Kertzer born February 20, is an American anthropologisthistorianand academic leader specializing in the political, demographic, and religious history of Italy. In Belgium, the Catholics of Liege observed February 28,as a day of prayer for the persecuted Jews throughout Europe.

It is sad to have to say that during the entire war, while feheimvatikan laboratories of death worked to capacity, the Pope kept his silence. On April 7,Rabbi Geheimvwtikan of Bucharest paid tribute to the Catholic Church’s activities on behalf of Romanian Jews in a letter to the papal nuncio:.

Quite wisely so, because Russia does not want to get entangled in what should strictly remain a Syrian-Iranian brawl with Israel. From Hinsley in London to Pacelli in Rome, to say nothing of geheimatikan anonymous priests in Holland, France, and elsewhere, they have done very notable things for us. With the arrival of the Germans in Italy, the Jewish population was threatened by the same sword that had ruthlessly cut down so many of their coreligionists in other parts of Europe.


Said the Catholic newspaper Appel des ClochesIn communing and praying this Sunday for the persecuted Jewish people who were once Christ’s chosen people, we shall be acting in accordance with the directives issued ieraels His Eminence the Bishop.

The first, from Archbishop later Cardinal Jules Gerard Saliege of Toulouse and read on August 23, strongly echoed the principles stressed over and over by Pius:.

The Russian-Israeli-Iranian conundrum in Syria – Asia Times

But speculation has a habit of taking flight because of its seductive appeal. They took shelter in a convent of German nuns while Pius himself, whom they had seen during an audience, arranged for them to escape to Spain.

Note 8 Randall, op. I will pray to God that happiness will return to you, to your people. Helped by priests and nuns, he and the bishops sheltered several thousand Jews, distributed false papers, and provided information, clothing, and food; Laszlo Endre, the Undersecretary of the Interior in the Nazi government, said testily that as far as aid to the Jews is concerned, priests and clergy men.

From onward, the public record shows countless Vatican intercessions on behalf of Jews, both prompted by pleas from Jewish and other sources and owing to the personal initiative of Pius XII.

We do not intend to enumerate here all the dangerous errors that this doctrine conceals in itself. On October 20 he registered an official protest with Mihail Antonescu, Minister of Foreign Affairs, against the government’s admitted plans to regulate the Jewish question, and came, through his repeated intercessions, to be known to the Jewish population of Romania as an ever-willing source of assistance.