Volume 2 in the ‘Dev and Lee’ series picks up five minutes after ‘Out of Position’ ends. Having come out to the world, Dev thought his trouble would be over, but. Isolation Play picks up five minutes after Out of Position ends. The events at the end of Out of Position have put Dev and Lee in an awkward position. The athletic . Isolation Play: F.A.Q.. Sequel? Um, what’s “Out of Position”? Here, I have an info page about it here. What’s the sequel called? Isolation Play. Will any of the.

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Account Options Sign in. Isolatuon love how these two guys interact with each other, how they love each other, and this book shows how much they are willing to fight and sacrifice for each other Are Kory and Samaki in it? And that is only if Dev survives.

: Books – Isolation Play

When Lee reveals his true identity, Hal leaves. The Firebirds win the game anyways, and afterwards, a crossdressing fox by the name of Argonne tries to offer Dev a blowjob, which he rejects. I am not a football fan at all and yet Kyell made it interesting and enjoyable.

One thing that stood out to me: Feb 19, Rechan rated it it was ok Shelves: The isolation play is a metaphor for the new direction that their relationship is taking — hunkering down, waiting for the attack, and when it comes being driven apart, isolated from one another. During an interview with the Today Show, Dev snaps at the interviewers when he is questioned about his family. They’ll need to deal with a stubborn reporter d Devlin Kyfll thought coming out on national TV would be the hardest part about being a gay football player.


Isolation Play by Kyell Gold

He loves to travel and dine out with his partner of many years, Isolatiin Silver, and can be seen at furry conventions in California, around the country, and abroad. The charm of the side characters fades a bit.

Mar 29, Veronica is currently reading it. There will be at least five. And I am starting to relax. After working out, Gerrard a coyoteinvites Dev and Lee to his house to watch some football games.

Isolation Play

I actually think I could enjoy a game now. Lee passes it off as an empty threat.

After another make-up sex session, Dev calls his mother in another attempt to reconcile with his parents but Duscha tells him it’s no use. Corey, whose leg was gored by one of their opponents, is put into the game during the second half and targets the same stag that gored isolztion by breaking his leg, which gets him penalized.

Kyell says:

Mikhail calls Lee and blackmails him: Dev takes Lee to meet his parents during his time off. Return to Book Page. Later, Dev flies back to Chevali for practice, which has grown in intensity because of Fisher’s absence. Out of all the stories I’ve read that’s from the fandom, I godl easily put this in the top three and I look forward into re-reading it. We first read about them in Out of Position, the review of which can be seen here. I still tell them that, but I also tell them that the best thing about reading “Out of Position” is that you get to read “Isolation Play” after it.


No, I mean, like, what’s the plot? But it’s when his press conference is over that the trouble really starts.

So, in somewhat o Isolation Play is the second novel in the chronicle of Dev and Lee, the tiger and the fox. This was a rough read for me due to the difficulties in dealing with parents and coming out at work. We travel a lot, too, mostly around the West Glld, but occasionally to the midwest and east. Out of Position was far more popular than I could have imagined, and as with Waterwaysit was not long before people asked for isolatiob sequel.

Mar 17, Kashii rated it really liked it. Lee devises a plan to force Mikhail to do the right thing and accept his son by convincing Hal to publish the story to the media.

Nov 25, Veronica rated it it was amazing Shelves: