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ISL6260 Datasheet PDF

Unless otherwise specified, tolerance: A good NTC thermistor compensation can limit the output voltage drift to 2mV. Connect to microprocessor die.

datssheet A single NTC thermistor. The user should have 40A load current on the converter and look for 84mV droop. These are labeled RS and RO. The 3V3 pin allows for a system 3. Take DCR current sensing as example, two errors have to be added to find the total current imbalance. This is shown in Figure There are two levels of overvoltage protection with different response.


The maximum Roc is 30k. VSEN Remote core voltage sense input. It is a package. If the output voltage is decreasing with temperature increase, that ratio between the NTC thermistor value and the rest of the resistor divider network has to be increased. The synthesized inductor current ripple signal compares with the window voltage and generates PWM signal.

IMVP-6 mobile darasheet voltage regulation specifications. With the same modulator, the switching frequency is reduced at light load conditions resulting higher operation efficiency. It will disable diode emulation. ISEN3 Individual current sensing for channel 3.

ISL Datasheet – Multiphase PWM Regulator – Intersil

Intel Mobile Voltage Positioning is a smart voltage regulation technology, which effectively reduces power dissipation in Intel Pentium processors. Power Monitor and Thermal Monitor? In general, the switching frequency will be very close to the set value at high input voltage and heavy load conditions.

The ISLC feature a thermal monitor which senses the voltage change across an externally placed negative temperature coefficient NTC thermistor, see Figure Therefore, proper NTC thermistor has to be chosen such that 2.

Figure 40 shows the simplified schematic datashete this approach. The load line regulation is also very accurate, and the process of selecting the components for the appropriate load line droop is explained here.


The ISLC has several other key features. RTN Remote voltage sensing return. This voltage datasehet will be referred to as Voc.

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For discrete resistor current sensing circuit, the droop circuit parameters can be solved the same way as the DCR sensing approach with a few slight modifications. A unity gain, differential amplifier is provided for remote CPU die sensing.

This protection was referred to as way-overcurrent or fast over current, for short-circuit protections. These resistors will provide datasueet feedback in the event that the system is powered up without a processor installed.

When these inputs are returned to their high operating levels, a soft-start will occur. This allows the Voltage Regulator to tightly control the processor voltage at the die, independent of layout inconsistencies and drops.