This Is How You Lose Her by Junot Díaz – Chapter 7: “Invierno” summary and analysis. ‘Invierno’ by Junot Diaz. Alex Clark. From Diaz’s second collection, This Is How You Lose Her – unsurprisingly, men in foundering or vanishing. JUNOT DÍAZ riverhead books a member of N ilda. Alma. Otravida, Otravez. Flaca. The Pura Principle. Invierno. Miss Lora. The Cheater’s Guide to Love. 1. 27 .

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Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. Such as describe how the father control whole family by not letting Yunior and his brother going out to play with other children, punish them viaz not being quiet, critize Yunior for not able to tie his shoelaces, force Yunior to cut his hair. Did any characters change during the course of the book?

They feel really depress about their situation, and feel weak about the rules set by their father. I have some other things that might work. Emotions were brought out when the narrator said that he wants his father to like him to. In the beginning of the story Yunior, Rafa, and the mother are scared of the father. From story to story, he brandishes the force of these voices, almost djaz to strong effect. Diaz banks on the appeal of his dkaz to balance their less palatable qualities: Great fiction is built around characters that follow the fruitless and wrongheaded paths they’re offered, which is how readers savor safe passage into someone else’s impetuosity.

September 13, 7: I think the author done well on the use of emotionalism, and the portrayal of the mom. The author makes his point clear about his experience of winter as a child. Their mother really did change a lot and she did it for her kids as well.


Throughout the whole story, Yunior’s father is controlling over the family. They are fish rarely swimming in their own ocean but more like sea creatures trying to paddle through a thick, cultural soup, and that soup is cold, nearly frozen.

Michelle Quito August 14, at The nullity of snow to those who have barely heard of it. Next The Best of ish.

The mother also listened to her husband and did not dare to disobey him. What forces in the story caused this change? Newer Post Older Post Home. How did they change? Learning to sleep in new places was an ability you were supposed to lose as you grew older, but I never had it.

The CCNY Summer Writing Workshop: Response to “Invierno”

The emotion of the mom got stronger gradually after the phone call. In the beginning both Yunior and Rafa got in trouble with their father.

What life lessons did you learn or take away from reading this book? Dear Yunior, for your next book. Their behavior towards one another could be described as cold. Moreover, the author was good at creating images.

‘Lose Her’ Finds Power In Resonant Voices

Mei Ying Chen August 14, at Hiking with Nietzsche by John Kaag Sep 25, Your purchase helps support NPR programming. She does this once her husband leaves to work so she won’t get in trouble. This is a positive change ddiaz she is trying to be free little by little. In the last pages of the story “The Cheater’s Guide to Love,” Yunior examines the Doomsday Book, a folder of material his ex-girlfriend leaves behind after their breakup:.

At the end of the story she decides to go out and explore her surroundings. JingWei Chen August 14, at Winter represents the situation the family is facing in a new environment, and represents their marriage- the mom and the dad’s relationship. Junot Diaz over-determines his stories.


All three of them do as the father says so they would not get in trouble. He would completely listen to his father and stay inside no matter what. You have to find a way in which you can be happy, even if that means standing up against someone you respect or care about. They are hoping to go back to the Islands, and away from the winter snow. The dialogues that the author placed in the story are so powerful, the words speak for themselves.

In each country people live differently and what may seem wrong to us, is correct for them. Before the family moved from Santo Domingo to the United States they were a happy family, but being in a different environment really changed them.

We can also see that his family is scared of him. That “next book” would seem to be the book we have in hand, a book filled with revelations that offer the reader a deeper understanding of how one’s history informs one’s present. If my parents used that language towards me I would feel sad like he did.

Invierno by Junot Diaz

The effect of moving from a nice warm weather placed to a cold isolated place took a toll in his life. Posted by Dennis Haritou Dec 14, Reviews 0. Yunior and his mother have not found it easy to deal with all of that.