Posts about Insolventieverordening written by Geert van Calster. Year: ; Title: De Europese Insolventieverordening en het notariaat; Journal: JBN: Juridische Berichten voor het Notariaat; Volume: 3; Pages (from-to): Year: ; Title: De Europese Insolventieverordening in de Nederlandse rechtspraak; Journal: Nederlands Internationaal Privaatrecht; Volume | Issue number.

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On 1 March gerordening, shortly before Mr Kemsley became bankrupt, Barclays commenced proceedings against him under the loan agreement in the Supreme Court of the State of New York.

Since such proceedings do not necessarily entail the appointment of an insolvency practitioner, they should be unsolventie by this Regulation if they take place under the control or supervision of a court. Proceedings that lead to a definitive cessation of the debtor’s activities or the liquidation of the debtor’s assets should include all the debtor’s creditors.

De Europese Insolventieverordening in de Nederlandse rechtspraak

The court should be able to grant the temporary stay if it is satisfied that suitable measures are in place to protect the general interest of local creditors. This Regulation should set out, for the matters covered by it, uniform rules on conflict of laws which replace, within their scope of application, national rules of private international law.

Any other questions relating to the law of insolvency, such as whether the employees’ claims are protected by preferential rights and the status such preferential rights may have, should be determined by the law of the Member State in which the insolvency proceedings main or secondary have been opened, except in cases where an undertaking to avoid secondary insolvency proceedings has been given in accordance with this Regulation.

Therefore, this Regulation sets out two specific situations in which the court seised of a request to open secondary insolvency proceedings should be able, at the request of the insolvency practitioner in the main insolvency proceedings, to postpone or refuse the opening of such proceedings. For the purpose of paragraph 2, actions are deemed to be related where they are so closely connected that it is expedient to hear and determine them together to avoid the risk of irreconcilable judgments resulting from separate proceedings.

There is a particular need for a special reference diverging from the law of the opening State in the case of rights in remsince such rights are of considerable importance for the granting of credit.

An insolvency practitioner appointed in insolvency proceedings opened in relation to a member of a group of companies should be able to request the opening of group coordination proceedings. Member States should also be able not to include in their insolvency registers information on individuals not exercising an independent business or professional activity.

De houder van het zakelijk recht moet derhalve zijn recht om te handelen alsof er geen insolventieprocedure was of zijn recht van separatisme op het tot zekerheid strekkende goed kunnen blijven doen gelden. The Brussels I Regulation, the overall Regulation on jurisdiction on civil and commercial matters, displays bias in favour of the defendant: This site uses cookies to improve your browsing experience.

In the event that the court seised of the request to open insolvency proceedings finds that the centre of main interests is not located on its territory, it should not open main insolvency proceedings.


In exercising its powers, the insolvency practitioner shall comply with the law of the Member State within the territory of verordeninf it intends to take action, in particular with vwrordening to procedures for the realisation of assets. De curator van een secundaire procedure moet de curator van de hoofdprocedure tijdig de gelegenheid bieden voorstellen in te dienen om de boedel van de secundaire procedure te liquideren of op enigerlei wijze te gebruiken.

Without prejudice to Article 49, the closure insoolventie insolvency proceedings shall not prevent the continuation of other insolvency proceedings concerning the same debtor which are still open at that point in time. In the case of any other individual, the centre of main insolvejtie shall be presumed to be the place of the individual’s habitual residence in the absence of proof verrodening the contrary. De vestiging, de geldigheid en de draagwijdte van zakelijke rechten moeten derhalve in de regel worden bepaald door het recht van de staat waar de zaken zich bevinden en insolvenfie door de opening van een insolventieprocedure onverlet te worden gelaten.

Artikel 26 6 Openbare orde Iedere lidstaat kan weigeren een in een andere lidstaat geopende insolventieprocedure te erkennen of een in het kader van een dergelijke procedure gegeven beslissing ten uitvoer te leggen indien uit die erkenning of tenuitvoerlegging gevolgen zouden voortvloeien die kennelijk in strijd zijn met de openbare orde van die lidstaat, in het bijzonder met de grondbeginselen daarvan of met de grondwettelijk beschermde rechten en individuele vrijheden.

Wanneer door de krachtens artikel 3, lid 1, bevoegde rechter van een lidstaat een voorlopige curator is aangewezen ter verzekering van de bewaring van de goederen van de schuldenaar, is die voorlopige curator gerechtigd om ten aanzien van de goederen van de schuldenaar die zich in een andere lidstaat bevinden verrordening elke in het recht van laatstgenoemde lidstaat opgenomen conservatoire en beschermende maatregel te verzoeken voor de periode tussen de aanvraag van een insolventieprocedure en de beslissing tot opening van die procedure.

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De gevolgen van een procedure als bedoeld in artikel 3, lid 2, kunnen niet in de andere lidstaten worden betwist. The insolvency practitioner in the main or secondary insolvency proceedings nisolventie be entitled to participate in other proceedings on the same basis as a creditor, in particular by attending creditors’ meetings.

Where a Vrordening State relies on Article 24 4that period shall not be less than 30 days following a creditor having been informed pursuant to Article De kosten voor de in de artikelen 21 en 22 bedoelde maatregelen inzake openbaarmaking en inschrijving worden als kosten en uitgaven van de procedure beschouwd.

This Regulation should not prevent the courts of a Member State in which secondary nisolventie proceedings have been opened from sanctioning a debtor’s directors for violation of their duties, provided that those courts have jurisdiction to address such disputes under their national law.

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That cooperation may take any form, including the conclusion of agreements or protocols. Similarly, the courts of different Member States may cooperate by coordinating the appointment of insolvency practitioners. On the other hand, an insolvency practitioner insolbentie appointed prior to the opening of the main insolvency proceedings should be able, in the Member States in which an establishment belonging to the debtor is to be found, to apply for the preservation measures which are possible under the law of those Member States.


That system shall be composed of the insolvency registers and the European e-Justice Portal, which shall serve as a central public verordeninng access point to information in the system. For that purpose, the courts may, where appropriate, appoint an independent person or body to act on its instructions, provided that this is not incompatible with the rules applicable to them. Any creditor may lodge its claim in the main insolvency proceedings and in any secondary insolvency proceedings.

Artikel 40 Verplichte kennisgeving aan de schuldeisers 1. The insolvency practitioner appointed by insolvnetie court insolventiie has jurisdiction pursuant to Article verorddening 1 may exercise all the powers conferred on it, by the law of the State of the opening of proceedings, in another Member State, as long as no other insolvency proceedings have been opened there and no preservation measure to the contrary has been taken there further to a request for the opening of insolvency proceedings in that State.

Het overwicht van de hoofdprocedure moet verzekerd zijn doordat de curator van de hoofdprocedure in gelijktijdig aanhangige secundaire procedures kan ingrijpen, bijvoorbeeld door een herstelplan of akkoord voor te stellen of om schorsing van de afwikkeling van de boedel in de secundaire procedure te verzoeken.

The coordinator’s tasks and rights as defined under this Article shall not extend to any member of verprdening group not participating in group coordination proceedings. De onder deze verordening vallende insolventieprocedures worden opgesomd in de bijlagen. EU case law Case law Digital reports Directory of case law. Artikel verordenung Talen 1. Onder rechten in de zin van lid 1 worden met name verstaan: At the request of the veroedening practitioner in the main insolvency proceedings, the court referred to in paragraph 1 may open a type of insolvency proceedings as listed in Annex A other than the type initially requested, provided that the conditions for opening that type of proceedings under national law are fulfilled and that that type of proceedings is the most appropriate as regards the interests of the local creditors and coherence between the main and secondary insolvency proceedings.

Het onsolventie van de curator van de hoofdprocedure kan alleen worden afgewezen indien het kennelijk niet in het belang is van de schuldeisers van de hoofdprocedure. Any foreign creditor may lodge its claim using the standard claims form to be established in accordance with Article An insolvency practitioner shall not be obliged to follow in whole or in part the coordinator’s recommendations or the group coordination plan.

A court seised of a request to open secondary insolvency verrordening shall immediately give notice to the insolvency practitioner or the debtor in possession in the main insolvency proceedings and give it an opportunity to be heard insolvenfie the request.