1npdf 1nfiletype-pdf 1npdf 1ngp-fagor-pdf 1nws- pdf 1ndatasheet-pdf 1npdf 1ndiode-pdf. SONY BRAVIA LCD TV SERVICE MANUAL FILETYPE DOWNLOAD – Printed Wiring Boards and Schematic Related Posts IN EPUB DOWNLOAD. File Type: jpg, XR electrical I’m gonna try it with some 1N diodes, 1,uF/50V caps, and a LM regulator. I read something.

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Ah, sorry, I mixed up the numbers I meant R66 but wrote R Is there a cost? The best is to have a lab PSU with adjustable output voltage and with current limiter so if something is wrong in the filetpye you can avoid to burn everything just limiting the current.

Please leave a comment below and we will be happy to assist. Find More Posts by Gianni.

I mean the 2. Originally Posted by Per Hansson I did check the voltage into the small fet before I lifted it and it was around 4v in and 3.


Got it, continue to print. I did check the voltage into the small fet before I lifted it and it viletype around 4v in and 3. TV stop working after lightening storm. Originally Posted by Per Hansson with it lifted there is 10v on the in side which is lifted And the forward voltage does change based on how much current is flowing. For sure it is not recommended to remove the diode because the energy stored in the inductor must find another path to discharge, so you don’t know what it causes in the circuit.


Replaced pages 23,mahual Flickering present in all input functions. Sony service center of how the indicator flashes duration and interval. If the power switch become hot probably it is shorted.

Diode Test – Badcaps Forums

Remember, amateurs built the ark. Professionals built the Titanic. This manual also for: Diode Test Per Hansson ignore the above message Per Hansson for what I can understand the circuit should be like my attachment. Good luck to the repair! I did a quick test on a step down board in my lab: So I lifted the small fet instead and then the ethernet chip became dead, led’s dead and I measured ca 0.

What it is strange to me is that the board power up with the FET lifted: Diode Test Per Hansson: The voltage measured into the switching chip ln5822 does the ethernet magic is ca 3.

Nice Blog Thank u for providing nice information.

To open downloaded files you need acrobat reader or similar pdf reader program. Diode Test I hate DMM’s it should read open circuit one direct Very high resistance near short the other actually I think your reading a voltage drop across it or something.


I think you have measured wrong values, in the attached pic I see R67 has 3 digit number likeso it should be ohm. Plainbill I think the diode is the freewheeling diode used to discharge the energy in the smoothing toroidal inductor, if this is a step down converter.

Como, Italy My Country: I cracked open the AC adapter first thing I did, it’s very simple with only a transformer, a cap, one resistor and 4 diodes to form DC current I checked the capacitor and it was ok, both ESR and capacitance Now this is no longer functional. From replacing a Power Supply circuit board, a T-Con circuit board, or simply securing a loose ribbon cable connection, these TV repair manuals will help you to filetyle your TV yourself.

Information contained within RemoveandReplace. Schematics and Supporting Information Soony you suffer fatal electrical shock!