Project name: Ilijan Power Plant (Kepco Ilijan Corporation), Project id: Country: Philippines, Location: Province of Batangas, Batangas. Financial Closure. Ilijan CCGT Power Plant Philippines is located at Ilijan, Batangas City, Philippines. Location coordinates are: Latitude= , Longitude. Type: Gas Power Plant; Area: Luzon, Batangas; Kind of Fuel: Natural Gas; Origin of Fuel: Malampaya Gas Field; Power Capacity: 1, MW (6.

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This is the first G placed into commercial service outside Japan. Cooling circuits for the turbine section are similar to those of the F series. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Ilijan Combined-Cycle Power Plant

RSS feed for comments on this post. However, the combustor exit temperatures are different. MCMirant Corp. Ilija operations using natural gas as the primary fuel commenced on January 1, The blade passage temperature and mechanical vibration of all four GTs were maintained within satisfactory levels.

Inside the combustion chamber, the flame temperature of G combustors is between 2,F and 2,F. Commercial operation of the power plant was in June 5, The water treatment system provides a continuous supply of the high-quality demin water required for plant makeup, gas turbine water injection for NOx control, and dilution water for chemical feed systems.

It was literally carved out of ilijab Philippine jungle by an international consortium of developers, engineers, and contractors. In addition, all the plant water has to be made from seawater, including NOx injection water.


Ilijan, Batangas Powerplant

Rita power plant consists of four 4 units with a plant rated capacity of MW each when operating on liquid fuel During natural gas firing, one operates while the other two remain on standby. You are commenting using your Facebook account. But for Ilijan, the end justified the means. The plant entered commercial service on June 5, In the G combustor, the basket and transition are known as the combustor swirler assembly and combustor liner, respectively.

Seawater is used for condenser cooling water. Ilijan combined-cycle project operational summary.

Ilija power plant to the Calaca substation. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Those figures are remarkable, considering the remoteness of the project and the extensive infrastructure that had to be built to support it see table.

The plant also includes a transmission line which interconnects the Sta. The plant was operated on liquid fuel gas oil, naptha, condensate until the end of The DLN combustor in the MHI G gas turbines consists of a pilot nozzle, eight main fuel nozzles, air bypass valves, and a double-wall structure for basket and transitions.

Obstacles overcome Two very significant obstacles had to be overcome to complete the project. Direct compressor discharge air is used to cool the first-stage vane, while the compressor bleed air from intermediate stages is used as cooling air for the turbine blade ring cavities and for the second- third- and fourth-stage vanes.



Ilijan Gas Power Plant

The plant, which is designed to be dispatched Figure 2 and to operate at or near full load, consists of two MW nominal power blocks. By continuing to use this website, plang agree to their use. The power station uses diesel as back-up fuel. Notify me of new comments via email.

Kepco Philippines

Each unit is composed of a gas turbine, a steam turbine generator connected to a common shaft and the corresponding heat recovery steam generator. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: San Lorenzo power plant started using liquid fuel gas oil, naptha, condensate for testing and commissioning by late The plant consists of two 2 units with a plant rated capacity of MW each when operating in liquid fuel Rita, Batangas City adjacent to Sta.

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The plant cannot operate in simple-cycle mode because it has no iljan stack. This air is supplied as the cooling and sealing air for the turbine disks and rotating blades after being externally cooled and filtered.