Although “weak thought”—il pensiero debole—has been around for over a quarter of a century, it is still little known in the United States. In Italy, from. il Pensiero debole has 3 ratings and 0 reviews. Da quando nella cultura italiana si è aperto il dibattito sulla crisi della ragione, attraverso di esso. Vattimo is well known for his philosophical style of ‘weak thought’ (pensiero debole). ‘Weak thought’ is an attempt to understand and re-configure traces from the.

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This Article does not have an abstract. Works by Vattimo The End of Modernity: Social and Political Philosophy. Taking up many of the same themes but striking a more philosophical tone, Carmelo Dotolo opens his “The Hermeneutics of Christianity and Philosophical Responsibility” with the demanding question put forth in Vattimo’s work: Rather than the Rhine appearing ll as water flowing as a feature of a larger landscape, modern technology has made it become an energy resource.

Le Ragioni Del Pensiero Debole Domande a Gianni Vattimo

Humans are also challenged, for they are reduced to the level of objects used for production. During that period, the profile of religion in society was growing through the Iranian Revolution and the role of Pope John Paul II in the breakdown of Communism. While Girard focussed on his notions of mimesis and the natural sacred, Vattimo translated these ideas into terms borrowed from the language of theology.

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This largely entailed a reading of Heidegger through which the gradual weakening of metaphysics, rather than its return, is anticipated. This horizon reflects the liberating capacity of weak thought already identified by Vattimo in as “not one point among the others but rather the place where the analyses of reality prove both their political and philosophical capacities” Request removal from index.

University of Turin Laurea Vattimo’s Renunciation of Violence.

Dario Antiseri, Le Ragioni Del Pensiero Debole Domande a Gianni Vattimo – PhilPapers

Northwestern University Press c. Vattimo was a Marxist during his youth. Foundational collection on one of the most influential concepts to emerge from contemporary Italian philosophy.

Want to Read saving…. Nevertheless, metaphysics cannot simply be overcome; it must be worked through in the forms of life we have inherited and debkle developing.

Eternal forms and objective truths are replaced with provisional judgements. Every unconcealment also conceals, however, as our knowledge of beings is always fragmentary; there is always more to the essence of a thing than is revealed to us.

He was elected a member of the European Parliament first in and for a second mandate in The latter, Vattimo thinks, is a statement of debple and of the message revealed in the incarnation of the Son of God.

Political Philosophy Vattimo was a Marxist during his youth. Gabril added it Aug 03, The editing is overall very good, although there are several noticeable glitches here and there for instance, a somewhat humorous persistence in transforming either Emmanuel Levinas’ nationality or gender — he is referred to in the index as “Emmanuele” and elsewhere as “Emmanuelle”.


Indeed, it is possible to see caritas and kenosis as identical; kenosis is the message of the weakening of God, and caritas is the message of weakening as a formal principle. For Vattimo caritas is the limit of secularisation.

il Pensiero debole by Gianni Vattimo

His ideas have had a wide-ranging influence across disciplines such as feminism, theology, sexuality studies, and globalisation. To Vattimo, hermeneutics has become boring and vague, lacking any clear vattiimo for philosophical problems. The freeing-up of these interpretations is possible, Vattimo thinks, because one can no longer plausibly conceive Being as a foundation, that is, of the universe as a rational metaphysically-ordered system of causes and effects.

For Girard, the culmination is the present age in which humans have a decision to continue with mimetic rivalry debolw the sacrifice of scapegoats even when it has become fully exposed. This can be understood as Him emptying himself of power and of otherness Philippians 2: The Responsibility of the Philosopher. Christianity, Truth and Weakening Faith: A Tribute to Gianni Vattimo.

His answer is to insist on the nihilistic consequences of hermeneutics. The concept of kenosis the self-emptying, or weakening, of God expressed in Philippians 2: Matthew Edward Harris Email: