IDRISI Selva. – a version 17 of IDRISI; Selva means ‘dense tropical forest’. – an integrated raster-based GIS and Image Processing software. Eastman, J.R. () IDRISI Selva Manual. IDRISI Tutorial. s.l. Clark University, Worcester. Idrisi Selva Principal Components Analysis, page 1 of 4. The Idrisi Selva Manual. Principal Components Analysis. Principal Components.

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Zoom into the western part of the image somewhere just north of Chilliwack, ensuring that Hope is still visible.

Do not save the zip file to H: Using Windows Explorer, go to: Note that the project and selga directories you will be using are different from those specified in the tutorial on page 6, Exercise d and e: Using Landsat data of the Fraser Valley For this part of the lab you will take what you learned in the tutorials, and sellva it to a local dataset: Describe the strengths of each of the three images Landsat, Landsat, band 6 you have explored above, in aiding you with respect to interpreting the landscape.

What features in particular stand out in the image the ‘fuzzy worms’ 5 Question Accept the defaults for Contrast stretch type and Output type, but check idrisii box beside Omit zeros REF The Landsat images have been georeferenced to a UTM [zone 10, North] coordinate system, so if we assign the same georeference system to the roads [knowing that roads had previously been projected to a UTM mxnual system within ArcGIS], the roads and the Landsat images will be geographically referenced together.


Has it been resampled if so, how can you tell? You will then import some Landsat data of the Fraser Valley and answer some questions pertaining to that dataset. Remember that when you use the computers in the lab, you should work locally on the C: Accept the other defaults, and click on OK. To create a true colour composite of bands 1, 2 and 3: Why is it used i.

Layer Interaction Effects Question 7: Since remotely sensed images are large, please do not copy any data to your H: What features in particular stand out in the delva the ‘fuzzy worms’ 5.

Ignore any message that may appear about a “Data path not found. You will first import the Landsat data. Select a font size of Repeat for each city; you can add more idriisi if you like e. Use both Landsat and Landsat to help you in your identification.

Navigation Map Query Question 9: Right click again on C: Given the length of this lab, you should budget your time accordingly. Specify the rotation angle for the text the default Rotation Angle of Apply the tools and concepts you learned in the tutorials to a dataset specific to the lab. Another window will appear, in which you enter the name of the city Caption.

GEOB Lab 3: Introduction to IDRISI

Introduction to Image Analysis: When going through Exercise fyou must add a subtitle to the map that contains your name and lab section. Add text labels for Hope, Harrison and Chilliwack you can add more if you wish: Fraser Valley, [True colour image of Landsat bands 1, 2, 3] After the composite idrrisi appears, close the window and re-display the composite image using the Display Launcher so that the title appears at the top of the window.


Print the map composition you created in this exercise. In the Tools menuclick on the Digitize tool looks like a bulls eye. Right click on the existing pathname which might be C: The roads should appear overlaid on the Landsat image.

Click on Projects tab in the Idrisi Explorer window.

You will xelva completing the following exercises for this lab: Save your text file by clicking on the Save Digitized Data button just to the left of the digitize tool button. The first thing to do is to create a True Colour composite image.

What is the name of the lake use Google Maps? As a goal, you should finish Part 1, Exercises 1.

GEOB 373: Introductory Remote Sensing

Click on Map Properties Add a north arrow and a scale bar. Use the shape of the lake to help identify the specific lake [it is actually a reservoir–could you deduce this from the satellite image?

Starting with Band 1: Room Office hours: Click on the check boxand then click on the What does NDVI idrksi for? Select Text as the Layer Type.