Inversions is a Culture series novel by the noted British author Iain M Banks. If I had to sum up Inversions with one word it would probably be “Different”. Taking a bit of a break from Hugo stuff (but not really), today I’m talking about Iain M. Banks’ Inversions, which I’m reading along with kamo of. Inversions (Culture) [Iain M. Banks] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Iain M. Banks, the international bestselling author of The Player of.

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After finishing this, Inversions is now tied with The Player of Games as my favorite in the Culture series. It would initially seem that the Protector is the more progressive of the book’s two rulers, disposing iaiin titles such as King, Emperor etc. Each has plenty to teach those who will listen to them, and each has a mission iaij which may not be the simple mission of protecting their ruler. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Not one of Banks’ typical sci-fi offerings. Space pirates, ringworlds, cannibal cultists, a lethal card game, and a Planet of the Dead I twigged on late because, I guess, I filter out a lot of misogyny in fiction because it would be too exhausting to consider it every time it pops up.

Things did not turn out very well for anyone involved in the story. This only serves to inspire more distrust amongst her detractors, notably including a number of Dukes as well as the King’s Guard Commander, Adlain. All the previous culture books have had the culture at iqin forefront trying to contact another planets or species through its special circumstances.

Inversions is about these two characters called “The Doctor” and “The Bodyguard”, each of their stories are told in alternating chapters. Indeed there are a couple of sections which are written as a transcript, which hints that some sort of recording device has been used to uncover the plots being made by Vosill’s enemies. I’m working my way through the Culture books in publication order, which isn’t necessary but I decided to do so just for the sake of reading them in some order.

May 14, Princessjay rated it really liked it Shelves: A young, high born officer, maimed in battle and broken by grief, is manipulated to commit a terrorist attack in revenge against the culture.

Discussing Iain M. Banks’ Inversions

The stories are often slow and far from action-packed. View all 38 comments. To distinguish between the mainstream and SF novels, Banks suggested the return of the ‘M’, although at one stage he considered John B.


This mysterious narrator relates two parallel tales, one of the King’s physician named Vosill in a country called Haspidus, and one of the General Protector’s bodyguard called DeWar in a country called Tassasen, across the mountains from Haspidus. The difficulty is that without those two bits of information that so many others cavalierly spoiled, there’s very little way to talk about the book.


These details that they spoil are not exactly essential to the plot, but one was spoiled for me and I think the novel lost some of its tautness as a result and the one that was not spoiled I was very glad wasn’t spoiled because it was a minor mystery I spent the first half of the novel picking at so again, I suspect the novel would have lost some of its appeal had I known the answer to the riddle.

I guess I like it when Banks is understated. There is intriguing against both the Doctor and the Bodyguard, for they are foreigners to their lands and not trusted as a result; there is a touch of romance, mostly unrequited; there are surprising philosophical passages that take on greater weight as events unfold. Book published by Orbit in May I had major problems feeling connected to the last Culture novel I read, It felt like the author was holding things too close to his chest. The “natives” may be primitive, but they are not bad as people, just products of their environment; and both sides learn – it’s not a one way street.

Banks channels his considerable talent into almost fairy tale storytelling. Loading comments… Trouble loading? It’s now ranked highly on my list of the “Culture” series books i’ve read so far for the clever manner in which the story was structured in relation to the general series-verse. I’ve told you what the book is ostensibly about, the plot, but clearly it’s about much more than that. DeWar is obsessive to the extent that he cannot eve play simple board games without his duty being reflected in his gaming style.

Let us know in the comments below. Book Details Inversions Author: DeWar enlists Perrund’s help in focusing UrLeyn on the war, but to no success. The book is set on an unknown planet which is ostensibly similar to medieval Earth with various kingdoms and no technology. Doctor’s and bodyguard’s pov The doctor is somewhat a mystery in the kingdom, because she has come from a far of land and seems to have a cure for all the diseases.

I was really impressed by the way all the little clues fit together Works of Iain Banks. Her methods are unconventional by kingdom standards, for example forgoing the use of leeches and instead using alcohol to “[kill] the ill humours which can infect a wound,” inversins are more often than not successful.


Inversions (Iain M. Banks)

The chapters alternate between the Doctor’s story, which the narrator relates through her assistant Oelph, who is reporting clandestinely to another Master; and the Bodyguard’s story, inversiojs the narrator relates through a third-person omniscient voice that is kept relatively confined to DeWar’s perspective, but not entirely.

Inversions is the exact opposite. The main twist in the format is that we only see it from the confused lens of the inhabitants of the planet. So ialn be prepared for a slow pace, mainly milling around inversiions life at court; nothing much actually happensand it’s mainly about character exploration, about fallible narrators, about perspective, about piecing together the puzzle and wonde My first review of ! Rather than her parents locking her in the basement to be cruel, they locked her in to hide her j Imperial soldiers—high-ranking men of the former King’s regime.

Some days later at a iani ball Walen is found murdered, this time by a stab to the heart. DeWar in particular finds her easy to confide in, and spends much of his off-time playing board games with her while the two tell each other stories. Add to that, I now find it infuriating that Banks chose to follow the Prime Directive throughout the story. But their plots are so childish that it starts getting on your nerves to continue with the book.

Or do you say, We have decided you should stay roughly as you are and incersions will treat you like children and give you toys that might make your life better?

Just as no two people ever see a rainbow in exactly the same place – and yet both most certainly see it, while the person seemingly standing right underneath it does not see it at all – so truth is a question of where one stands, and the direction one is looking in at the time.

Inversions is a beautifully written novel, expertly constructed and never giving away more than it needs to to keep the reader guessing, using subtle hints and references to maintain that this is in fact a Culture novel, whilst exploring a world with a totally different aesthetic.