General diagnostic criteria used in our country for determination of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) involve Diabetes in Pregnancy Study. PDF | Objective: To evaluate the International Association of Diabetes and Pregnancy Study Groups (IADPSG) criteria versus the American. Since the DIPSI criteria would miss a substantial number of patients, we suggest that the IADPSG criteria are better for screening of GDM in.

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J Matern Fetal Neonatal Med.

Screening and Diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus, Where Do We Stand

Diagnosis of gestational diabetes mellitus in Nigerian pregnant women: Criteria for the oral glucose tolerance test in pregnancy. Evaluation of the value of fasting plasma glucose in the first prenatal visit to diagnose gestational diabetes mellitus in China. There is no consensus regarding screening and diagnostic methods for GDM.

However, it was iadpwg that using FPG to potentially identify pregnancies at a very low risk for GDM and for adverse outcomes required further evaluation. WHO [ 11 ].

Citations Publications citing this paper. International Diabetes Federation, Please review our privacy policy.


Screening and Diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus, Where Do We Stand

Is gestational diabetes mellitus an independent risk factor for macrosomia: These women should go directly iad;sg diagnostic testing. Unfortunately there is no international consensus on the screening and diagnostic criteria for GDM.

Is mild gestational hyperglycemia associated with maternal and neonatal complications? Previous reviews were not definite whether to do universal screening or risk based screening.

Welcome to IADPSG

J Clin Diagn Res. Step two performed while patient is fasting GDM diagnosis is made when two or more PG levels equals or exceeds:.

Papers of particular interest, published recently, have been highlighted as: Similar to the study by Trujillo et al. Hyperglycemia and adverse pregnancy outcomes. This one step method has an advantage of simplicity in execution, more patient friendly, accurate in diagnosis and close to international consensus.

Prediction of gestational diabetes mellitus in the first trimester, comparison of fasting plasma glucose, two-step and one-step methods: The role of the g GCT for screening women who have already been identified as high risk of GDM in the first trimester is not substantiated.

Scand J Clin Lab Invest. Criteria for the oral criteeia tolerance test in pregnancy. Will a single glucose value be diagnostic to serve as a standard of care? In a cost-effectiveness analysis, Mission et al. Financial implications were not addressed. Diabetes New York, NY. Impact of increasing carbohydrate intolerance on maternal-foetal outcomes in women without gestational diabetes.


Risk factors for GDM include the following: They proposed diagnostic criteria for GDM based on 3-hour g glucose OGTT and then they validated these criteria for the development of future DM in the mother [ 10 ]. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. The analysis was done after crtieria multiple potential confounders and these associations were independent of other known risk factors for these outcomes [ 20 ].

One value sufficient for diagnosis, Two or more values required for diagnosis. This paper seeks to summarize the impact of the one-step International Association of Diabetes and Pregnancy Study Groups IADPSG versus the two-step gestational diabetes mellitus GDM criteria with regard to prevalence, outcomes, healthcare delivery, and long-term maternal metabolic risk.