The Huawei UMG (Universal Media Gateway) is a core network device, part of the Huawei [email protected] Solutio N and the N68E Cheap gateway m series battery, Buy Quality gateway tablet laptop computer directly from China gateway ma8 Suppliers: UMG (UG01MOMU0) . Cheap board shorts, Buy Quality board router directly from China boarding handle Suppliers: HuaWei UMG Media Gateway and UMG Spare boards.

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This networking completely supports various narrowband voice and data services of the current GSM R network. Narrowband voice, the traditional TDM voice, is a type of circuit switched service.

Board deployment in an SSM frame 1 1 1 1 1 1. With the bearer independent call control BICC structure, the UMG supports flexible networking modes and can interconnect with existing networks. If the current frames cannot meet the capacity requirements, you can add new frames to carry out smooth capacity expansion. The gateway control module is the control center of the umh8900 UMG Face Image Checkpoint Cameras.

The UMG frames can be logically classified into the main control frame, service frame and central switching frame. Its software architecture is shown in Figure 3 The transmission between access R99 networks and between access networks and the core network is based on the asynchronous transfer mode ATM. The service frame provides the service processing function. Board deployment in buawei SSM 32 frame 1 1 1 1 1 1.

Universal Media Gateway UMG — Huawei products

The MML system provides parameter range when you input a command, and draw down combo boxes or check lists for your selection convenience. Network elements connect with each other in the star topology and network elements with different functions connect with each other in the hierarchical topology.


A convenient and friendly man machine language MML operation terminal to facilitate maintenance personnel to locate and remove faults as soon as possible 3 0 0 Electromagnetic compatibility design prevents the UMG, as well as any other equipment, subsystem, or system, from being degraded due to the electromagnetic waves from other equipments in the same electromagnetic environment.

No independent cascading boards are required. For huawdi SSM frame, the logical components of the hardware are shown in Figure 3 Boards can be inserted and removed easily from the front. High quality components pass the aging test and strict filtering. Huawei GSM R network solution based on the softswitch architecture. The UMG provides special structures and dissipation measures to lower temperature.

This module cooperates with the TDM processing module, packet processing module and gateway control and management module to adapt and forward signaling. The UMG is placed huawri an area of dense traffic. This module includes the SPF. Clock subboards can be attached to the MTNC boards in the main control frame to provide stratum 3 clock signals or independent CLK boards can be configured to provide stratum 2 or stratum 3 clock signals. The CLK boards are fixed to be huxwei in back slots 0 and 1 in frame 0 or 1.

This document is very well done. The UMG provides the multi frame cascading function and supports up to 29 frames. This chapter describes the components and functions of the UMG operation, administration and maintenance OAM system.

To achieve certain maintenance goals, the UMG adopts the following measures. These modules are described as follows:. Some measures are taken to prevent rain from into the packing box. Contrasts the field to be full, you may delete the product successor that does not need to add!

In mode 2, the main control frame provides the device management and cascading functions. The UMG is placed near the access network to build a big local network. Click here to visit partner zone to check enquiry status, manage orders, get support, or learn more about Huawei partners. The control frame requires no TDM configuration of cascading board. The network connections are complex and the end to end delay is very low.


The stratum 2A clock means that the indexes except the frequency accuracy, pull in range, pull out range, and hold in range comply with the G. Non volatile memory is used to store important data. Under the control of the gateway controller, this module invokes various bearer and service resources within the UMG, sets up service bearers and buawei service stream formats.

UMG8900 03050379(UG01MOMU0) MOMU for HuaWei UMG8900 Media Gateway spare boards

GSM R local exchange expansion! Through shortcut menu operations, you can query, display, switch, huaqei, isolate, block and activate boards and interfaces. In this case, you need to configure independent cascading boards, that is, NLUs. According to the alarm type and level, the alarm terminal for example, an alarm box or the alarm management system delivers the corresponding voice and optical signals, and sends the translated alarm information to the network management.

You can buy different numbers of frames and boards to obtain corresponding capacities. Boards are inserted in front huawsi back slots on the backplane of a frame.

Different boards and software modules perform huaeei service functions. Structure of the UMG extended assembly cabinet? The cascading module provides the cascading of packet, TDM and control service streams in the multi frame cascading mode.

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