View and Download President HR owner’s manual online. 10 Meter Amateur Transceiver. HR Transceiver pdf manual download. Also for: Hr View and Download PRESIDENT HR user manual online. 10 Meter Amateur Mobile Transceiver. HR Transceiver pdf manual download. PRESIDENT LINCOLN (HR ) MODS by Roger Perales ~ perales Conversion of this text from html format to PDF by Frank TomeŇ°.

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That may help in your conversion. You must use a 1N diode, because a 1N will not handle the current on TX. Doc’s Radio Repair Repair and Mods for lots of interesting rigs.

But, I h2r510 to have your permission that I can do it and publish it on my web pages.

To correct this, Add a 4. Seek-This causes the radio to seek for active channels. Refer to the Diagram below and create the circuit shown. Attach the other half of the Blue wire to the Normally Closed side of the Relay.

Max 26 Alignment of Receiver Portion 1. As can be seen from the graph, the HTX filter is indeed significantly narrower than the filter. Sure enough, the USB carrier oscillator frequency is different in the two radios! Connect the anode of the diode to one side of the resistor. Again inject a two tone signal into the microphone of the radio while transmitting into a manul load.

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Although I have not tried this mod MOD 2 it is fairly straight forward. Once installed you will need to adjust your AS meter for more realistic readings.

Click HERE for a good explanation of power amplifier classes of operation; this description discusses tube amplifiers, but the concepts are the same for solid-state amplifiers.

Chipswitch manua be ordered by Phone directly from the manufacurer, there address is: These two components are connected to the base of Ur2510 The next question becomes ‘Can an HTX filter be transplanted into a for better performance? The changes to the Mic are required because of these differences in the control operation.

President HR2510 Owner’s Manual

The use of this information may void your radios warranty, The modification of your radio may make its use illegal. L Disconnect DC Ammeter. If you need any help with the files, let me know. A scope is also the best way to set the ALC. Replace Q with an MRF This was caused by the use of switching diodes across the IF crystal filter in this mod.

I do not support or encourage any sort of illegal 11 Meter operations. It is not my intention to cover ground that has already been covered by others; there are many fine resources on the web describing various mods and enhancements to these rigs.

The center coil is labeled L, adjusts LSB.

I am looking forward your reply. Adjust VR for Repeat using TP and VR I reccommend this mod highly! Constructive comments are welcome; flames will be ignored.


Be sure to give them the Mamual catalog number,as well. If you operate quite a bit of AM, you will notice that AM signals do sound more muffled with the narrower filter. Bohuzel dost trpi na koncovy hr210 – taky dost zere a topi. Suite Santa Rosa, Ca.

HR Tips and Tricks

The AMC control will still function so using a hg2510 meter you will be able to set it to avoid overmodulation. Remove the four screws from the bottom cover and remove the cover. To center the RIT: You will need to reorient the new transistor to work. Reassemble your radio and your ready to go.

DC Power supply Solder it to pin 3 of IC This reduces the overall tuning range of manua RIT quite a bit, and makes fine tuning a lot less touchy.

But it is fairly easy with a little soldering experience, and the right tools. Connect the cathode of the diode to pin 6 of IC, and the anode to the collector the center pin of Q These fixes rebias the switiching transistor to correct this. A 3 dB increase in power is a doubling of power output.