Wow. I really hope Nikon can fix this quickly .. “Thus, because of the apparent widespread nature of the problem and Nikon’s response to it. Nikon Ds — avoid; even a D is a better camera today; Nikon D — Recommended (best all-around ILC ); Nikon D Simple question to those that have purchased the D/E ebook by Thom Hogan if you’ve read through it, do you think it was worth getting.

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Should I buy a third party lens for my Nikon body? I received my D last week.

Opinion: Thom Hogan’s D800/E eBook

People Who Buy Lenses are Different Should I cover the logo on my camera with black tape? As nearly as I can tell he doesn’t respond to anybody on the web.

I wasn’t really made to feel confident when I spoke to them though. Not so much with a D model. I wonder if it occurred to Thom that readers aren’t going to email him to tell him they don’t have problems with their body.

Thom Hogan’s Guide to the Nikon D | Spike’s Photos

How long has this site been around? China Nikon financial info Where are Nikon’s factories? Can I copy the eBook file to my other computers?

Come on Nikon, start treating your customer base fairly. When it works as designed it’s exceptional in performance and a great ambassador to what makes Nikon products good. If the AF has a problem, Nikon will fix it. What Does the Canon 70D Mean? I will keep an eye on it for a while All I know for sure is that both bodies I was sent had the AF problem. Until the firmware change, the irony was this: I’ve outlined what I think are the best steps to take to try to figure out if your camera has a problem.


I would like to buy Thom a beer, and encourage him to lighten up just a bit. What’s with the dispose of in 10 years symbol on my camera’s label?

However still lack a firmware update for the flash to trigger a wireless flash every time and not randomly. I just redid the test with the aperture wide open, both in viewfinder and liveview and they all produced sharp photos.

I got in my car, expended 3 hours of my time, gasoline and around 40 USD on freeway toll. How does this affect the accuracy of the book or even your decision to buy it?

Yet I think Thom does Nikon a service here. Firmware Updates Nikon D 1. Has the Nikon firmware been hacked yet?

Did I learn the lesson to wait a bit The best lenses for Sony mirrorless cameras. My new serial number is almost 30, higher. Nikon D Nikon D90 If you believe there are incorrect tags, please send us this post using our feedback form.

Thom Hogan D800/E Guide Bittorrent = +7,000 peers

Put the focus on a bride’s white dress and you got underexposure. The camera may be unable to focus in the following situations: According to Ming Thien’s blog, they have had a solution in place for over a month now, and Mansurovs picked it up a while ago as well.

Excuse me mausgabe, but I think it’s perfectly reasonable to wait until a book has been on the market and gone through all the needed revisions and corrected all the errors before purchasing it.

What Nikon has done has frustrated consumers and clearly as a consumer, Thom is also frustrated. How is this site supported? Now reality sinks in.

People Who Buy Lenses are Different Based on specifications alone, the D is not a camera I’m interested in buying. Many of the left sensor-focused images would be unusable. It’s the critic’s job to be convincing. KR, on the other hand, is pure entertainment that occasionally gets it right. Having owned my D for just over 24 hrs, I now feel qualified to contribute a response. Autofocus, metering, video, card selection and use, lenses, image quality Thanks God that we have professionals like Thom helping us to make a right decision.


Am I not right in thinking that both Rockwell and his clone Thom make their money by driving mug punters to their websites? Complete Guide for the Nikon D For 17 years, byThom has provided the best books on Nikon cameras, with the most detail and clarity you’ll find.

Nikon DSLR Reviews | Cameras and Photography Explained | Thom Hogan

LV focused image and VF focused image should be the same Doesn’t seem like they’d do that unless there was a real problem that needed fixing. He in no way recommends in his book to buy a D, that is up to you the reader. I did repeat the test several times and always got the same result. Those who would like to read Thom’s test procedure please visit his web site: Again, because it doesn’t seem to be sinking in, Nikon is aware of the issue, and they are repairing the D’s asymmetric focusing issue with the left-hand focus points.

Personally, the D and DE are near perfect for me and the types of things I shoot nature, wildlife, landscapes.