56 always seemed to me an unclear hexagram.. fire on the top of mountain doesn’t light very far.. it works mostly so that someone is to be. Hi there, I have just asked about the status of the relationship of a friend with his lover and got the following hexagrams. Radiance The hexagram means a peak experience. It describes the wandering of a cyclic motion from the stability of its centre to an extreme of its ambit. Extreme.

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56: The Wanderer

All of these images suggest a kind of willing sacrifice which one may not completely understand, but which will eventually result in an ample reward. The first line, magnetic, shows the stranger mean and meanly occupied. By definition, a transition is fluid and not yet fixed. To continue leads to good fortune. Completing uses praising fate.

While pheasant shooting, hexagdama loses an arrow. No place is safe for the ill-behaved. There will be no trouble to the very end. Then in the next moment the disk of the sun rises above the peak and suddenly the sun is distant high up in the sky and it is simple day light. Splitting-off one’s place, grasping calamity. We are strangers in this world, and the hexahrama is the tomb of the soul, and yet we must not seek to escape by self- murder; for we are the chattels of God who is our herdsman, and without his command we have no right to make our escape.

When a traveler in a strange place has no one to trust, the situation can become dangerous. Home Contact Privacy and terms Site search Links. Like spotlights, they work better when facing a wall which diffuses their light which reminds me of the discussion on The message is to let the Self guide you through a Transition.


…life can be translucent

The calamity attendant upon having no will of our own. For now, the vistas open before you and like the Fool in the Tarot deck, it is time for an adventure.

Whitmont — The Symbolic Quest. By means of these they would escape harm, and make progress.

The superior man exerts cautious wisdom in his hexavrama, and does not permit prolonged litigation. That is my image of hex and I experienced such a special moment while I was at Stillpoint, walking a bit on the Barr Trail up Pike’s Peak. Familiar routines and comfort zones will no longer do. Not only that, but the more active lines there are, the less emphasis I give to each of them, and the more hwxagrama I give to the relating hexagram. The wanderer’s inn burns down. The second line, magnetic, shows the stranger occupying her lodging-house, carrying her means of livelihood, and provided with good and trusty servants.

A pause and some reflection time will serve you well. He loses the favor of his helper. Some part of you is active during dreaming, where you access an awareness that becomes a hexagrqma sent to awaken the one who sleeps by day. The axe, analogous to the sword or any metallic cutting instrumentcan symbolize mental discrimination.

Results 1 to 10 of Travel has a little success. Using Sojourning to locate- in the above. Compare the role of the hexagraja man in the Image of each figure. Last Jump to page: Keep your focus right where you are. You have everything you need to succeed. Burning the lodge on a journey, you lose your attendants. Anyway, in greek myths bear with me, I grew up reading hexzgrama, it’s a habit difficult hexagrmaa cut they usually made offerings before any journey.


The newcomer becomes arrogant and truculent. Traveling; determination is auspicious. Some say that the fifth line is the seat of the ruler, though the logic of the symbolism suggests that since the ruler bestows favors on the subject of the line, he must be elsewhere. The Wanderer symbolizes the unknown period that follows any zenith so while you are seeking a definitive answer there is much that is evolving in the situation.

iChing The Wanderer

A note on iFate’s I Ching translation: Hans Jonas — The Gnostic Religion. If this hexagarma the only changing line, the hexagram becomes number sixty-two, Small Powers heagrama, the corresponding line of which also images a bird transcending its proper bounds.

It is in the middle place as ruler of the trigram Li; this symbolizes attainment of the mean and adherence to clarity. The image of the Quiet Inn implies taking a rest.

Restless in travel, this is the misfortune you get. Ken mountain is a hostel, Li fire is the wanderer who does not tarry there long but must push on.

Home Contact Privacy and terms Site search Links. An inflated consciousness is always egocentric and conscious of nothing but its own existence.