El hexagrama 14 es llamado 大有 (ta yu), “La Posesión de lo Grande”. The hexagram deals with pleasure that is spiritually meaningful. The universal spirit – the connection of everything in the universe as a sentient spiritual whole. Hello all, I asked Yi “I’m having trouble finding direction in my life. Any advice?” > 14 I am very confused something great is on the way.

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Elisabeth Haich — Initiation. Brightness differentiating clearly indeed. He will humbly serve the condescending ruler in the fifth place.

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14 Great Being DA YOU

Along with any accumulation of wealth or influence can come an increase of pride and arrogance. A duke makes an offering to the emperor. We should remain disengaged. Because you have no need to cling to anything, all things come to you. Originally Posted by diamanda. Mothering Change presents Transforming Lines as Steps of Change that show you where and how to focus your energy.

Hexagrxma willing to do so without hesitation or resentment, and you will remain free in spirit, and be the equal of those around you.

A prince availing-of Growing, tending- towards heavenly sonhood. Here however, everything is against that: The third line, dynamic, shows us a feudal prince presenting his offerings to the Son of Heaven. Retreat and prepare a countermove.


Get rid of negative feelings and release the new energy. Nothing can attack or control you now. The Image The old characters hexzgrama the Great Person and a hand holding the moon, master of the changes.

This inner stripping leads to a breakthrough. Some place where supplies have been accumulated will escape from danger.

The image suggests a reciprocity of hexwgrama — you get as good as you give. The earth is not the host because it responds to these atmospheric changes, and the moon makes its great bodies of water rise and fall.

A dignified bearing is an asset literally, good fortune. Retire from mundane hexageama and thoughts Great Possessing the above: Line 3 Philanthropy is an obligation of those in possession of mature wealth. Supreme success goes to those who are in the world, but not of it — who, in the fullness of possession and at the height of their power, remain modest and wink toward heaven.

Even though they have the potential power of abundance, they squander it and, therefore, can never be joyful and free. Hexagama his trustworthiness he kindles the will of others.

Of all the lines and hexagrams in the I Ching, this is one of the most favorable combinations that one can receive. It is normal to look around and measure your success against what others have. Line 5 The person who is able hexwgrama win over others by sincerity and a sense of dignity always finds himself or herself in a favorable position. They are the venerable ones who connect with and will be Ancestors, founding people who protect others and from whom benefits flow.


Though your advance is temporarily entangled, have no fear. The great chariot hexagramq to carry. When this added power is wielded with grace and dignity, we have supreme success and great abundance! Let your spirit shine on all. Help from heaven is auspicious, unfailingly beneficial. Do people around you perhaps value you for the fact that you are not hugely competitive and therefore not a threat to others?

Let her display a proper majesty, and there will be good fortune.

iChing Affluence

A blessing from heaven. Nothing that does not further. I’m letting myself be creative and letting things resonate intuitively. Aspirations are aroused through faith One is confident, sociable, and dignified.