Heathkit SAA product reviews by real people like you. ONE OF THE BEST HEATHKIT PRODUCTS EVER, and ONE OF THE BEST MANUAL TUNERS. Download HEATHKIT SAA-CAL CALIBRATION PROCEDURE FOR SA- A ANTENNA TUNER SM service manual & repair info for electronics experts. Heathkit SAA Manual. Complete page assembly and instruction manual for the SA antenna tuner. Contains assembly notes, parts list, assembly.

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First it is necessary to remove the input capacitor to get to the hearhkit, and then remove the roller! I have the non – “A” version.

I suspect after the lighting mod is done, the tuner will appear to look like another rig or amplifier sitting in the shack. I have yet to regret it, and I doubt I ever will.

I decided to give the Heathkit SA a good going over before operating it and found the build quality to be very good. But just like the SA in putting the SAA together, the builder actually had to “build” the capacitors from individual plates! Next, let’s take a look at the Heath A Antenna tuner. I took the parts from two s and used the best parts to make one really good one. Email Subscription You are not subscribed to this review.

Lighting could be installed above both meters, and to provide inductor counter lighting. I heatykit I made a wise decision, and a good purchase. Pitting on a roller such as this is usually caused by the operator “adjusting” the roller with high power applied. They are a great time and trouble saver.

Heathkit SA-2060A Manual

In this case I am into working on two of Heath’s most popular antenna tuners. Hope this helps someone and I can honestly say the same for this as I said on my sb,your not getting mine. Take the time to distinguish between the quality of a device versus the condition you happen to find it in.

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They don’t stick in any spots or bind and turn quite smoothly.

The snap position tends to twist and allowing the wafer switch in the back to get out of alignment. After doing this maintenance, the roller on the Heathkit was very smooth and had a high quality feel. The SA hearhkit more expensive and contained internal SWR and Power meters and allowed switching several different antennas and would cover meters thru 10 meters.

It’s probably the last antenna tuner you will ever own. My Subscriptions Subscriptions Help. I use it for m, and it will load up everything on these bands for me. If you know how it was put together, you can more easily take it apart and then reassemble it.

It has a big screen, and the one working channel is all I need, and it sure works great. I also remember we were running way above the legal limit and in AM too, so I manuaal this was my best choice. I also installed a flexible coupler between the roller and the panel shaft. But nothing is perfect, especially on a piece of gear that is maybe forty or more years old, so let’s give this one a good close inspection and see what we find.

This will place nice clean, unpitted coil on the end when tuned to the higher freqs, and likely on the lower ones the roller will never get to the pitted end. Also the antenna switch on the Heathkit feels and sounds like an industrial grade clunk, but the clicker on the Palstar feels tight and works fine.

LOL really a good unit guys as the reviews show. I ran it to an old half dead HP student grade 2 channel O Scope, which works as a station monitor scope now. The Heathkit has copper metal work where the Sa–2060a is constructed using aluminum sheet metal. First off I have the sb and picked this up to have the set,wow what a tunner.


I made up a chart to keep nearby and can quickly tune it on another band if I want.

Heathkit SA A Deluxe Antenna Tuner (+ Parts + Schem.) (manual)

I use it with my SB routinely, and it’s a real pleasure to use To get to the roller requires some “disassembling. It had to be epoxied back in before heathkot project continued. Also, regarding ‘screw count’ for shielding, it’s a myth.

I compared it to my Palstar CV tuner and in fact, the Heathkit felt a little smoother. However, the dual meters on the Heathkit are very clear and easy to see. Although I do prefer the crank knob on the Palstar roller inductor compared to plain old round knob on the Heathkit, perhaps the Heathkit could be easily modified to include a crank knob too. I was really pleased with the job the builder did on this tuner.

Heathkit SA Antenna Tuner SA, Heathkit SA Antenna Tuner SA

Then I received an offer from the XYL of a friend that passed away. Never an arc or spark. Unless you take this precaution it is too easy to lose small parts and in old gear, there are NO replacements. A unique idea on the part of Heath.

Brown Heathkit Sa-2060a 2kw Antenna Tuner

You will have to saw off the back of shaft to same length as factory unit and turn the wafer ring to set how many positions you need the stops. I have one now and am keeping it for sure. One other little problem – the old glue had given up and the disk at one end of the roller had come out.

First we’ll tackle the A wa-2060a example of a tuner.