Head over to the Shekhawati region in Rajasthan and discover wall paintings in the Shekhawati havelis (mansions) of Fatehpur, Nawalgarh. Though the havelis in Shekhawati might look dilapidated from the outside, some of them are still active as living spaces. I met Shakti Kaloya and his family, who. Shekhawati in Rajasthan is an offbeat region famous for antique havelis with intricate frescos and doors. Here is a guide to the villages of.

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The villages in Shekhawati are scattered and connected by potholed roads. Note that shskhawati of the havelis in the Shekhawati region are abandoned or locked up. I understood the transformative power of art when I first visited Shekhawati in While Jhunjhunu, Mandawa, Nawalgarh and Fatehpur are the major towns in the Shekhawati region, there are others too that have similar havelis. Haveli Nadine Le Prince is unarguably the most well-preserved haveli in the entire region. sekhawati

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The Havelis of Shekhawati

We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Pandavas had spent one year of their vanishment shekawati this Kingdom of Virata as their abode, to live in anonymity, after the expiry of their twelve-year-long forest life. They have done considerable amount of restoration work in all the villages of Shekhawati, and have been employed by Mandawa Fort for 15 years now.

Visible on the left hand side is an abandoned haveli lying in ruins due to a lack of maintenance. The revival of tourism has provided new employment opportunities for the locals. The wall paintings in the Shekhawati havelis do not always follow a particular visual narrative.


I read your comment and wish to be transported to one of those obscure towns right now! Vishnu is making colours by grinding the Hansraj stones which are sourced from mountain areas and are expensive. One minute you are speeding on the National highway and the other minute you have entered a narrow, dusty road that takes you into a labyrinth of old, dilapidated shekhwwati.

Start contributing by making a profile on Sahapedia. Retrieved from ” https: Locals who saw a tourist instantly knew where they were headed. As decades passed, the region attracted merchants from the neighboring Marwari community who set up their homes here.

Artworks are made with these natural and eco-friendly colours. And just as the landscape of Kerala is dotted with grand mansions, more often than not, sgekhawati in no small part thanks to the tax-free income of its immigrant worker populace, Shekhawati too saw a similar trend.

Harlalka baoli in Mandawa is one among a number of stepwells scattered in the region. Most of these artists came from Jaipur where they were involved in the construction of the various palaces and promptly used their techniques and skills to build the grand shekhawatii in seemingly the middle of nowhere. The panels between the chajjas has religious themes painted on the vertical face and portraits of various rulers and family members on the horizontal face. Even though most of the towns in the Shekhawati region are in states of disrepair, Fatehpur is even more dilapidated than the rest.


Come around sometime, there is so much to see in these dusty parts.

Stunning Architecture of Abandoned Havelis in Shekhawati!

There are some havelis that are better-known than the others. The biggest building in Mandawa is the Mandawa Fort. They have also been the largest source of income for the region and ahekhawati rulers. The increased influence of the British and other western powers, frescos began to feature European women and men.

The Havelis of Shekhawati – The Bum who Travels

With the migration of the Marwari traders off big cities, the locals are heavily dependent on tourism to earn a living. Laxmi, 65 years old, works as a caretaker along with her husband at Chokhani Sheohawati Haveli, Mandawa.

Haveli Nadine Le Prince charges Rs for a guided tour but it is well worth the money and far more informative than ones conducted by local guides. Dundlod lies to the south of Mandawa and has a few havelis that boast of some fascinating murals.

AmarsarShahpuraJhunjhunu. Forts in Rajasthan Hydrography of Rajathan Power stations and power organisations. The best time to visit it is in the winters: Shekhawati sjekhawati in the Thar Desert of Rajasthan, and has special importance in the history of India. And finally there is Mukundgarh, a town that is known as much for its crafts as it is for its havelis and forts.