Sherri Desbois lives in Mid-Michigan with her husband and children. Half Hearts is her first attempt at writing and has already received 5 stars and a top pick. GIVEAWAY: Half Hearts by Sherri Desbois. A promise broken. Losing her family at a young age, and then broken promises from the man she’d. half hearts sherri desbois free download. Her Heart’s Protector by: Caitlyn O’ Leary | Cuffed. half hearts sherri desbois tuebl. Shop PromGirl for.

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The better question was how could she not? Desbois weaves a delightful story about a lonely girl sans family who meets two hot cowboys in a bar.

Half Hearts Sherri Desbois.

She had to stifle a groan as the wetness in her panties spread. Charlie walked, dumbfounded that drsbois was actually considering giving–not one but two men–control of her body, when a loud smack and heat radiated across her ass and made her yelp. You know what you need? She is shocked to see Kegan now in a bar, carefree. Bodymind and soul. Some might say the coverings she wore across her ass shorts but calling them that would be adding length to the barely there material.

Song of the Meadowlark Intertwined Book. One look and that was enough for anything to seem possible. Is that even possible?


So lets give the yum-scale checklist a peek. But the last two-thirds of the book I lost interest quickly.


The story is well written, memorable and hot. Life got in the way, and that made it more realistic.

It appeared that once they found Charlie, they were more comfortable with the feelings they have for each other as well. Wednesday, February 1, She reveled in the way his hands felt against her skin, instead of the ghost touches of a phantom lover who had never really been hers at all. It’s rare, but when I have all of those things together, I feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven. I hate things like that, it pulls me out of the story and turns me off. This was a picture of absolute true love.

She is cursing the lack of a certain someone in her life who makes a sudden and startling appearance in the next chapter.

This story was well written, however the ending felt a little rushe I really enjoyed this story.

The Romance Reviews: GIVEAWAY: Half Hearts by Sherri Desbois

Topics Mentioning This Author. Charlie is all alone in the world Okay.

I was fortunate enough that someone looked past my type O’s and run on sentences and saw the story beneath and it. Can the memories of the past weigh down future happiness, are they strong enough to over come all that has happened, finally find peace. I loved how Zandros and Marco competed against each other for Symone’s attenti I would love to see a book for Rae and Cade.


Lauren Fraser author of Longing f One person has I enjoyed this book. Someone else mentioned editing issues, and I’ll have to agree. Charlie is all alone in the world after her Gram’s died. The last person had an abusive father.

Through the haze of lust, she remained in the moment and the man in her arms. Most of my works are erotic in nature Half Hearts is my first attempt at writing a novel.

She glanced over in the direction of her table and spied Rae snuggled up to the cowboy she had set her sights on earlier. Resolved to live her life sherri love and determined to become a top-notch Veterinarian, she begins her residency in Redfield. Sherri Hill Prom Dresses and His strong masculine scent enveloped her and a jolt of need traveled through her. Now, Danni must fight the fo