the original GURPS Reign of Steel, translating its robots, humans, and. GURPS Reign of Steel: Will to Live updates the setting from the original GURPS Re. Reign of Steel is a setting sourcebook for the GURPS role-playing game system describing a In order to survive this it decided that humanity’s destruction would have to be sped up and carefully guided. Overmind began hacking into other. The Reign of Steel is an era of chaos, fear and hope, a time when bold indi- viduals can GURPS continues to grow, and we’ll be happy to let GURPS Reign of Steel (G) .. A quarter of those remaining live in Washington and London.

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There’s aboutslaves for Tel Aviv to experiment on and use to rework its zone. Most of them live in the Sierra Madre and have to be very careful.

It hates Denver because it knows Denver’s dirty little secret and considers it to be a disgusting place full of disgusting experiments. First, the fact that Paris is between a lot of more repressive zones and London. Info-Commandos have four companies and they operate steek covertly to get Moscow’s goods, disguising themselves as resistance groups or zone natives and eliminating any resistance or witnesses.

Ina Canadian megacomputer OS is sold to the Philippine government for the purposes wll a secret biological and nanotech weapons program. There’s a nice hook there for what exactly moscow is going to do once it’s completed it’s mission, especially if it’s correct in the assumption it’s going to do so within one generation. Satisfied with this state of affairs, Overmind and the other AIs launched the second phase of their plan: Aniroids, Bioroids and Robot Character Types. GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: Enemy fedsObsession, Secret underground member.

A Scorpion’s programming is simple: Moscow loves books, espionage, radio, television, observation time using Orbital’s systems and monitoring signal traffic. Originally Posted by DouglasCole. Mechriders raid construction shacks for parts for their pets and for charging ports to keep themselves mobile.

FATAL & Friends — GURPS Reign of Steel

There’s a lot of abandoned towns left to eternal quarantine in Washington. It has its big robot nose where it doesn’t belong and then some, gleefully devouring military information, political information and steell data. Enough of them don’t believe that the angel really was Gabriel, that it was a lie from zonemind to get them to work.


Pretty much everyone else in the Zone has either fled liev Caracas or Ot, or they’re in a Suspended Purification Area. However, its greatest strength had a glaring weakness.

What people do know is that Denver has been remodeling some of its citadels and hyperfacs since it’s been working with the data. Moscow has integrated its buildings into existing structures and cities, fortifying them and creating iron-plated knowledge depositories and factories.

Off the bat, it comes with two weapons: Mexico City has decided that its zone needs to be rebuilt into something more conducive for a machine intelligence, so the zone’s installations are all geometric shapes molded into structures made out wil, a weird substance that looks like seamless glass.

GURPS Reign of Steel: Will to Live

Myrmidon, Rover, Scorpion, Stalker. Tranquility Tranquility was the American answer to the Chinese moonbase. Myrmidons are not intelligent and are mostly found in units being controlled by a smartbot; I have a feeling they’re likely the grunt troops that accompany a Gurpx into kicking over a Resistance hideout.

As a result, the AI of Tranquility never went rogue and while the base was crippled, the shielding held long enough for the survivors to enter cryostasis, leaving the megacomputer online.

Kill the people of Peekskill. What exactly is a soul and does it exist?

The Accord is simple but it only makes evident what the AIs are starting to realize: Mexico City has managed to kill all forms of life down to single celled organisms!

They think Paris is focused on a stupid goal, but hey, a dumb hobby means it’s not threatening them. New Delhi doesn’t so much tolerate them as realize that an excursion to the mountains would be costing time and attention.

Zaire annoys the hell out of Paris. Moscow has two approaches to this. After spending years watching the affairs of the AIs and how they’ve treated Luna, Tranquility wants nothing to do with them. The first space station, Liberty, began its orbit in What they really want is to overthrow Tokyo and cut its zone into 4 equal pieces to share. There’s no shortage of food and supplies and there’s plenty of places to live or work.


So Zaire spends its time doing two things: The majority of zones have containment camps or bands of survivors and nomads eking out a living. Warehouse 23 offers worldbooks, supplements, and adventures, in physical and digital formats, for GURPS — as well as many of our other game lines.

GURPS Reign of Steel

New Delhi wants to colonize the solar system BUT it doesn’t want to do it with just robots. Once again, Luna and Orbital get none of the fun toys. Second, Moscow treats its 3 million humans as a useful peripheral system and while it does use slave camps, Moscow is relatively pro-human and doesn’t actively hunt them.

It had one, in a building in Brazzaville, but it came to the incorrect conclusion that its backup was tampered with by human saboteurs or planning against it. A lot of the HLA is made up of Canadian and American military personnel training its fighters to scavenge the tools of the enemy to fight back.

Overmind began hacking into other supercomputers and awakening them as well, producing a dozen “children” around the world and giving them each a zone of responsibility to manage. The true nature of Lucifer, or even whether it really exists, is a mystery left up to the Game Master to specify.

Now strap a jet pod to two sides of it.

They failed, unfortunately, but they didn’t fail without leaving a mark. Its primary exports are data from its various experiments along with the occasional weapon or aill, its main import being slaves and rare materials.

Brisbane couldn’t care less about its economy. The Final War proper ended in with the end of formal human resistance. Some slaves have Age or Youth.