Got a Gungnir walkthrough, FAQ or Guide? Use the submission form, or email them as attachments to [email protected] FAQs/Guides are posted in their. I am Serenitys_Cat, follower of fantasy and fiction, and this is my third FAQ, and first full-length walkthrough, on GameFAQs. Yay! I’m going to be. See our member submitted walkthroughs and guides for Gungnir. Help for Gungnir on PSP. More help, hints and discussion forums for on Supercheats.

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If died, unit will leave its corpse on the field.

Unit’s damage reduction against magical attack by percentage. With that, have Giulio summonn Einherjar.

The fight begins with a few Frost Giants. Once you reach a catapult, use a strong hero to pull the lever back, launching a projectile and destroying the debris which will be blocking your path out. The unit cannot counter while in this state. Since this battle is easy, I would recommend you to replay until you get it from her. In this case, unit must have one available number II attack, otherwise no counter will occur.

Increase rate of inflicting skill’s status ailment. On this path, you will run into a Striking Upgrade and a Focus Upgrade. Beside, Valerie also help distracting their attacks. Sign Up for free.


Gungnir Walkthrough Strategy Guide | N4G

The Element Index in Unit Fullscreen will determine the unit’s element, following this rule: The further the distance is, the less the accuracy. Dismissed unit will gungjir gone forever.

The unit cannot perform magic attacks or support. During this time, you can also check enemy stats and equipment. The grade of each element also affect unit’s damage when using an element attack that gunnir to that index.

The higher DEL a unit has, the more delay that unit will take when moving. For each battle, walkthorugh stats are fixed and each require a default number of gold to recruit. For example, if you’ve already hired Sacchito, you cannot hire Legro, Pische, Leonil anymore.

Gungnir FAQ/Walkthrough for PSP by Serenitys_Cat – GameFAQs

Each time this mode is avaiable, three unit walkthrugh be chosen randomly from a default unit’s pool. Enemy’s Ace is always immune to Knockback.

Bonus to skill’s Tactic power. The higher the height difference is, the more damage unit will take. First submit to gamefaqs. Except for two above types, there are some special ranged attacks which hit a random area or seek for random targets.

Walkthroughs for Gungnir

The only threat now is the Harpy unit, as she can fly through and attack you from any place, so quickly get rid of her. Outside this range, the attack’s accuracy will be reduced, giving the target a chance of dodging. The Tactic gauge of each side is capped at 10 at the start of battle. Boost grants various bonus effect, like increasing damage or reduce delay, depend on which equipment that ally unit gungnid.


These elements play a role in calculating unit’s damage. Hero of Leaf Valley Naruto Shippuden: Once a Base is under your control, you can use it to change your unit’s equipment with the cost of 2 TP and 1 Delay. Also, take this chance to let her learn the second attack from the Gust Bow.

Before you can get to Odin, you will have to defeat Ymir. Take the exit and get the heck out of here.

FAQ And Walkthrough – Guide for Gungnir

Moving to an enemy’s corpse allow unit to taken one among all items that corpse carrying. Maximum Cas available is Giulio, Ragnus, Paulo Map: Reduce Unit’s Jmp to 0. Remember Me Forgot Password. Scramble, Beat, Boost, summoning War Gods, using siege weapons, Kizuna Drive Dragon Ball Z: