The majority of French walkers start in Calenzana, simply because this is how the original topo was written. The villages at the two extremes of the trail are. Hike with the GR20 throughout Upper Corsica from Calenzana to Vizzavona. the beacons all along your hike and to bring you the FFRandonnee topo-guide. GR20 – Distance: km – Elevation: hm – Location: Sainte-Lucie de Porto-Vecchio / Corse / France – Wandermap is one of the largest collections of.

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Use Jet-boil for boiling water. The Book Depository United Kingdom. Do the GR20 with a local specialist Reservation of refuges and meals, guided treks, self guided, tailor made itineraries, different levels of comfort, with backpack or lightened sack.

Forum GR20

Trail diary, from south to north most people walk north-south. PS I know zippyshare will try to open some ad pages. Login or guidee to post comments.

Southern difficulty – In the Guife the most exposed part of the trail is between Bocca l’Agnone to Usciolu refuge and then Prati. Here is the link to zippyshare: You are correct, I should print the free ones but I have a love of proper topo maps and will enjoy looking at the maps while admiring the view while figuring out what I’m looking at.

I did the GR20 3 years ago with 4 french french friends and I would highly recommend it. Swimming spots, views, meeting fellow walkers from all over the world. Best of luck on your hike! At the end if you have done it you feel a massive achievement, probably have lost a stone in weight, the countryside is stunning and for me it will be something that will stay with me for ever.


October is more calm, less hikers, but also dry. Mind you the lineal maps in the PD guide have improved greatly since then Once there, you can travel: Hi again Ben, It’s certainly none of my business but I’m kind of puzzled as to why you want to buy big maps when you can have them for free from the link in my blog.

I am sure that I got the info through Michele who is a moderator for the Forum maybe he could assist you.

A Quick & Dirty Guide to Corsica’s GR20 | The Hiking Life

Camping or bivouac is forbidden anywhere but near the “huts” sometimes “shack” is a better word and there you will hardly find a place to pitch your tent but you will still have to pay. All the information you need, to find where to eat and drink on the GR20, restaurants, small shops, shepherds with cheese and sausage. If you speak a little bit of French, a good alternative to the English guides is: We do not know if the situation has improved the last years.

The huts are here, the stages of the trail are described, GPS files for download, and explained is how you can get there and around. Is it as crowded as a lot of websites say? This is a completely different challenge and requires some very specific skills.


A Quick & Dirty Guide to Corsica’s GR20

Whenever necessary, you will find cables. I have them tucked away in a file with the rest of my GR stuff but cannot recall https location.

Add a comment Name. Tlpo there any special equipment required? Speaking of which, from a communication perspective particularly if you are trekking independentlyit will be worth your while to learn some French before arriving gr2 the island. If obtaining water from a hut, ask the guardian in charge whether or not it is potable. I can only see gpx files – they are not printable I used trail running shoes and found them to be fine.

PREPARATION GR20 (ENGLISH) – Adventure and sport challenge !!!

When mapping out your trip itinerary, factor in an extra day or two in case of inclement weather. October is more calm, less hikers, but also dry.

One of the biggest issues for many people on the GR20 is the question of resupply. Do you think that could be feasible?