Halo: Glasslands is the first novel in an all-new Halo trilogy based on the Xbox Halo videogame series. Karen Traviss, who has penned number. The Covenant has collapsed after a long, brutal war that saw billions slaughtered on Earth and her colonies. For the first time in decades, however, peace finally. Is Karen Traviss’ book Glasslands a first part or a second part of a Ghosts of Onyx, while a main installment of Halo novels, isn’t part of a.

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Thinking about it now I guess that was, in part, the point of the title “Glasslands,” looking back on the devastating effects of the war. Using this world combined with all three storylines was done rather neatly.

Ualo really liked this book for two reasons.

What had originally been a touching scene between a Lucy who was struggling to bring words to life and an Engineer who doesn’t know what is wrong, but just wants to fix her one of the few good moments of the entire book, I loved this scene until the endis completely torn apart by a Halsey that is acting completely unlike anything that has ever been written about her.

Sure, there’s something going on between Vaz and Naomi, but we learn nothing about Mal or Deveroux; every character should be memorable with a cast this small, but oh well.

Halo: Glasslands by Karen Traviss book review

Retrieved from ” http: Threads of the story also have connections to Halo 4. Aug 29, C. Glasslands was effectively the shattering of established Halo lore, created by Nylund, Staten and Buckell. They also attempt glasslqnds help the Ariadnebut the patrol ship explodes before they can reach it.


Ports and expansions Halo PC. Marooned with Chief Mendez and a Spartan team in a Forerunner slipspace bubble hidden in the destroyed planet Onyx, she finds that the shield world has been guarding an ancient secret—a treasure trove of Forerunner technology that will change everything for the UNSC and mankind. I had enjoyed all the previous Halo books, but this was lacking.

This is my first Karen Traviss book. Adams rated it really liked it.

Is K.T’s book “Glasslands” a second or first?

Tides of War Christie Golden Castlevania: It had lots of action, suspence, and exciting moments. Glasslands is billed, or was when I first came across it, as a bridge between Halo 3 and the upcoming Halo 4. At least they were written like hhalo marines and you could tell instantly when the person speaking was a Guardsman, astartes, Magos or Princeps.

The continuation of how Ghosts of Onyx ended was very interesting, glasslznds was reading portions of the fallout glasslanxs the end of the Human-Covenant war. How Karen Traviss managed to write this and be so completely devoid of the characters built over the last few books is beyond me Did she take tips from William C. Unfortunately none of these plots really gel together in a meaningful way.

It gets worse for Doctor Halsey as Captain Serin Osman, a Spartan-II program “washout”, plots revenge against her for the kidnapping and body-horror she endured. Although this book is almost completely built on the concept of morality, Karen apparently has only one perspective hlao the term and assigns the same outlook of what is humane, ethical, and moral to ALL of the characters.


Some of the writing is overwrought with Doctor Halsey hqlo about being a soulless being but I can’t help but assume she’s confronting her own guilt. Halsey and Kelly stay behind in case Lucy returns. I even sent her a package of my books back when I was a very-very crappy writer. Once reaching Parangosky’s office they begin to discuss the events that transpired at Onyx.

Evan Phillips and Naomi are all prepared for their briefing.

Interesting characters, pretty fantastic plot, and there were moments I felt overjoyed at events occurring. I was particularly fond of Spartan-II Naomi who came off as an adorable cutie despite being raised as a glasslandd. After I knew most of the terms the reading became a lot easier for me.

What will they think of me? Upon landing, they find a temple which glasslads to be of Forerunner origins. But, after slogging through this one, I’m not planning on it for quite some time.

Glasslands shows next to the good storyline a nice feature of action and technology. It felt like I read an entire book just to read what could have been an intro to the next book that will come out.