The book that most captured my attention was The Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard, which was published in I purchased. Two remarkable teachers came into Gary Renard’s life in , he chose to listen to them carefully. (And ask a lot of questions.) The result is. The Disappearance of the Universe: Straight Talk About Illusions, Past Lives, In this tradepaper edition of the standalone companion to Gary Renard’s.

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Nov 26, Kris rated it did not like it Shelves: It merely puts you in a position where you can claim your natural inheritance, which is far greater than any bodily feeling you can conjure up.

For thirteen years I had been on a spiritual search during which I had learned a great deal without really taking the time to apply my lessons, but now a new certainty swept over me.

Book Overview of The Disappearance of the Universe Archives | The Unobstructed Universe

And they stood firm in their faith, even under threat of torture and death. None the less it is wonderful to challenge our perceptions, question assumptions we were taught as absolute truth, and rethink our perceptions. Using A Course in Miracles as a foundation, this text promotes the use of forgiveness as the tool to awaken from our shared dream and approach enlightenment. Does everything the author communicates resonate as truth and dissappearance.


You wanted to know what it was like to be there with him two thousand years ago. I felt that the guides, Arten and Pursah, spoke too harshly for me. While watching the hellish catastrophe and its results, I almost cried as I visualized the horrific nightmare that was undoubtedly being experienced by those in and around the buildings.

Then, it gets deeper, and more ridiculous. When Arten and Pursah had first appeared to me nine years earlier I was at war.

The Disappearance of the Universe

It’s written by Rogier van Vlissingen, a scholar who puts it all together in showing the relationships between these two great works and how T he Disappearance of the Universe is the bridge between the two of them. An interesting approach to the predicament of our reality. They were taught directly by Jesus for three years.

Just forgive — silently. I real only a page or two at a time, wanting to digest and comprehend every single word.

But in truth you are home in your bed. Do yourself a favor, and skip this book and go straight to A Course in Miracles. In almost two decades of working as a journalist, reviewer, editor, and publisher in the field of if spirituality, I had seen more piles of such dreck than I cared to remember.

Gary Renard – Official Site

The story goes like this. Take Me To Truth: I would actually had given it a 4—maybe even 5 star rating had the author claimed it was a work of fiction, but he does not. Since sex is part of what you call life, and since we already know you want to talk about it, where would you like to begin? Please go to the website to learn more: Prefiero habitar en lugares como estos.


It is one of Gary’s favorite books and two of his best friends. Like the Course itself, it is transformational — a true gem. I read this book several years ago but never reviewed djsappearance. This is one of the biggest strengths of ACIM: Try it for yourself and you will see Miracles! However, I believe it is a total fabrication with reguards to the Masters who converse with the author. Disappearabce you have that you have compromise, and once you have compromise you no longer have the truth.

A Golf Course in Miracles. But DU also provides a spectacular and thorough explanation of the Course to the uninitiated, rnard with dozens of helpful quotes from the Course.

By remembering what it is and forgiving it at an appropriate time.