Fundamentos de programación: libro de problemas. Front Cover. Luis Joyanes Aguilar, Matilde Fernández Azuela, Luis Rodríguez Baena. McGraw-Hill, Get this from a library! Fundamentos de programación Libro de problemas: Algoritmos, estructuras de datos y objetos. [Luis Joyanes Aguilar; Luis Rodriguez . Download libros Fundamentos de Programación: Libro de problemas Luis Joyanes Aguilar,. Luis Rodríguez Baena y Matilde Fernández Azuela pdf, The regular.

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Software life cycle 1.


Files Basic and complementary bibliography Joyanes Aguilar, Luis. Tutorship Tutorship sessions will be used to solve any doubts regarding theoretical concepts, blackboard exercises and practice exercises. The second goal is to endow the student with the abilities needed to solve basic computing problems in the field of Topography engineering by means of programming tools.

The slides of the presentation will be made available to the student. Introduction to programming 1.

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Teaching methodology Theoretical sessions Theoretical sessions consist in blackboard lessons with the aid of an electronic presentation. Study time and individual work This course has a work load of approximately hours. Constants and variables 2.


Data and instructions 2. That exam will consist in solving one or several programming exercises in writting.

Virtual course The students will have access to the course’s web site, developed on an e-learning platform. The minimum approximate number of hours that the student ilbro to pass this subject is shown next Blackboard sessions: The learning methodology implies the resolution of programming exercises, individually or in groups, with the help of the teacher.

Library of Programming Books

The practice exercises will be also evaluated, with a maximum qualification of 4 points. Competence Specific competences – Solving topography problems by means of computer programming.

The qualification of the practice exercises will be kept until September of the same academic year. Procedures and functions 3.

Transversal competences – Analytical thinking: Algorithms and fundameentos 1. Existen programas da materia para os seguintes idiomas: There, the student will be able to consult and download all necessary materials, and to use communication tools for tutorship purposes, like email and forums. The first objective of this course is to introduce the student to the basic concepts and techniques of programming from a general point of view, which allow the student to adapt to different programming languages and methodologies.


Also, exercises will be solved in class, encouraging the participation of the student. Practice sessions Practice sessions will take place in a computer laboratory, with one computer for each student. Scope of variables 3. Assessment system The assessment of this course is made through a written exam.

Students who do not attend practice sessions have the right to take an exam of the corresponding part.